Traits and Characteristics of a MaidZilla

Everyone keeps talking about bridezillas but best believe so many other “zillas” exists when it comes to weddings. Today we would be going in on the MaidZilla, and how to identify them -Traits and Characteristics of a MaidZilla!

When it comes to weddings, two things are the major stress factors – People/Relationships and Finances. Regardless of how rich you are and how unlimited your budget it, understand that wedding planning would stress you out if you have to deal with difficult people, and Bridesmaids are no exception.

Below are three traits and characteristics to look out for in your Bridesmaids before you intervene either by talking to them and expecting a change or firing them because #anitnobodygottimeforthat!

Traits and Characteristics of a MaidZilla | Difficult Bridesmaids

1. Not helpful with the Wedding Planning: While I do not subscribe to over-demanding brides putting unreasonable expectations and demands on bridesmaids, I certainly do not subscribe to bridesmaids thinking there should be no duty at all.

Get this, a bride, regardless of her budget would always need your help. Even though she has a wedding planner and whole village backing the planning and logistics of the wedding, there would always be areas where she would need her girl squad to help with. These things can be as little as encouragement on a bad wedding planning day, putting together a bridal shower, assisting with some DIY projects or even showing up on time to dress fittings.

The gist is, as a bridesmaid, you are there for support and this can come in various ways, shapes and forms, so if you have accepted this post, be ready (and happy) to pull some weight for the bride (who is clearly a close friend or family).

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2. Not Supportive of your Union: Your union is the reason you are all gathered in the first place and anyone who tries to hinder that really shouldn’t be in your midst (especially someone in close proximity to you like a bridesmaid).

How to identify such a person is to pay attention to how they treat your union even more than they treat the wedding. At the end of the day, the wedding is just the party but the union/relationship/marriage is the main foundation. Do they talk wrongly about your spouse to be? Are they more interested in the party than your emotional state? Do they disrespect your relationship in anyway? If you answered “Yes” to any of these, it may be time to look into that friendship to check if there is more to it.

3. Makes it all about Her: This is the most common I have seen so far, bridesmaids which easily forget it’s YOUR wedding and think it’s just another opportunity for them to be the center of attention. These are the kinds of bridesmaids who would make endless objections to the chosen bridesmaids dress until they get one they are most comfortable with without thinking of the bride’s own vision or the other bridesmaids.

This is the kind of bridesmaid who gets offended because the bride didn’t go with her suggestion for any detail ranging from the dress to what number of tiers the cake should have, and any other wedding detail in between.

This kind of Bridesmaid who seeks for her own praise at every stage of the wedding planning and constantly wants to be recognized for doing the tiniest gesture. There is only so much pleasing a bride can do for this type of bridesmaid and eventually it begins to put a strain on the bride and possibly, the vibe with the other bridesmaids.

At the end of the day, Wedding planning is stressful enough so a bride’s inner circle/girl tribe/bride squad/Bridesmaids should be the ones cheering, supporting and encouraging her instead of being a Maidzilla.

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