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Have you just said “YES” to your partner and thinking of where to begin with planning your wedding? Have you said “YES” and soon after, “I don’t know where to begin?” Begin with KnotsVilla! Our exclusive agency consists of great Wedding Vendors here in the GTA to help you with your wedding.

Whether it’s in the Photography department all the way to the Bridal Beauty department, we’ve got you covered as we aggressively build up our members! Our Agency members would vary in their location, price ranges and styles, all geared toward you finding the vendor just for you.

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I remember so vividly planning my wedding, referrals was a huge part of the success. One of the most difficult parts of the process was seeking out vendors for myself, that is, the ones I was not referred to. I would spend so much time on the computer, on different sites and forums, getting list of potential ones to eventually email. Now these email conversations could go on for a while with a lot of back and forth which made the process even more stressful. Ever since then, I began to appreciate the idea of referrals especially when they work out so well!

With that in mind, especially for the busy brides who have companies, families and other life areas to run, I am hoping to somehow help ease the process and cut down the time spent in the vendor search.  That’s the one problem this initiative was born to solve.

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What We Do

In the simplest terms: We make Wedding Vendor Connections and provide Fairy Godmother services!

How This Works

As a Wedding Consultant and Editor extraordinaire :), I’m available to help you through your wedding planning journey every step of the way. Starting with the initial consultation, I’m offering my time and ideas to connect you with the vendors perfect for you.

With specifics such as your wedding date, location, price range, etc, KnotsVilla would carefully select the top vendors who we believe are perfect for you. As a bride/groom, you would be given these vendors to review and once you feel you’ve found the one your heart sings for, then we’d close the deal with your vendor search!

Not only am I the wedding vendor connector in this fun relationship, but you can think of me as your fairy wedding Godmother! My consultations would be fun, over coffee, geared towards providing you with a listening ear and a brain of ideas to build up the wedding of your dreams!

Book KnotsVilla now, get a FREE consultation and locate the vendors of your dreams!

We would need your Feedback!

As your fairy godmother, I’m highly interested in the success of your wedding. With the Vendors KV sends your way, should you select them, KV would be itching to receive your review because we care.

Our hope is to put the power in your hands to help decide who stays in our exclusive list and who has got to go! Let us know how our Vendors are doing so we can continue to tailor our list to be a true bunch of awesome Vendors!

Can’t wait to meet with you brides & grooms! Contact KnotsVilla today 🙂

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