Top Wedding Shoes, What Makes Them #WeddingPerfect and Affordable Alternatives

Does it feel like lately all brides are wearing same shoes? If you have noticed this in the wedding world then you’ve been paying attention to the wave of what we are calling the top Wedding Shoes. There is something about some particular shoes that just scream “bridal” and both the shoe designers and the brides know this. Yes, we are talking about the Badgley Mischkas, Manolo Blahniks and Co. These are clearly the top Wedding shoes currently (and have been for the past few years), and to be honest,  it appears as though they would be for a while.

So what about these shoes are so attractive to brides more than the average pair of shoes on a regular day? What makes a pair of shoes more suitable for a wedding than a regular outing? We are thinking features such as signature brooches with jewels, glitter covered shoes that can pass for the modern day Cinderella, ruffles which are as feminine as a bride can get, and a few other features you would notice. Let’s not forget the textures play a role too; hello satin!

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With that being said, most of these shoes cost a coin, they deserve their own column when drawing out the wedding budget. So we’ve looked at some of these pairs very well and found more affordable alternatives. Below are the most popular wedding shoes we’ve seen so far and the features that make them #weddingperfect!

1. Shoe: Badgley Mischka Kiara pumps, Photo by Joanna Moss Photography, via Knotsvilla

What Makes it #WeddingPerfect: Rear Drop Down Brooch


Affordable Alternatives

2. Shoe: Christian Louboutin Skin pumps, Photo by Andi Diamond Photography via Knotsvilla

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Animal Skin and Pointeys


Affordable Alternatives

3. Shoe: Badgley Mischka Giana pumps, photo by Art De Vie via Knotsvilla

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Peep toe & rectangular Frontal Brooch


Affordable Alternatives

4. Shoe: Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Jewel Pumps, Photography by Cat Hepple via Bloved Blog

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Square Frontal Square Brooch and Pointys


Affordable Alternatives

5. Shoe: Christian Louboutins Glitter Pumps, Photo by Boris Zaretsky Photography, via Knotsvilla

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Fine Glitter


6. Shoe: Valentino Rockstud Slingback, Photo by Christopher Duggan Photography via Knotsvilla

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Studded Strappy


Affordable Alternatives

7. Shoe: Betsey Johnson Stela, Photo by Stephanie Dishman Photography via KnotsVilla

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Scattered Glitter


8. Shoe: Kate Spade New York Charm Sling back, Photo by Richard Bell Photography via Knotsvilla

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Sequin Slingback


9. Shoe: Badgley Mischka Thora pumps, Photo by Cliff C Photography via Belle The Magazine

What makes it #WeddingPerfect: Romantic Ruffles

Which of these Wedding Shoes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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