Top Themed Weddings of 2015

Hello readers, as the year draws to an end we have bitten the “recap” bug and would like to look back and see how awesome KnotsVilla has been in the year 2015! Being a year that KnotsVilla made her name known for unique events – full of themes, props, color and even culture – it should be no surprise that our recap starts with just that – the Top Themed Weddings of 2015!

For starters, we have to give a great shout out to all who have made these weddings land on KnotsVilla – from Two Bright Lights to the vendors and even the brides who took time to fill out our questionnaire spilling deets of why they went for a themed wedding, y’all absolutely rock!!!

Without too much talk, let’s dive into the weddings that made KnotsVilla wear the “unique wedding blog hat” this 2015.

Top Themed Weddings of 2015

1. Vintage Romantic Wedding by Dear Darling Photography

Why: Because that Groom is everything when it comes to pulling the vintage theme together!

Vintage Romantic Wedding - Top Wedding Themes - #ThemedWeddingIdeas #WeddingThemes #WeddingIdeas #TopWeddingIdeas

2. Little Mermaid Wedding by Taylor E Photography

Why: Because that seahorse cake rocked our Pinterest this year!

Little Mermaid Wedding cake - Disney Wey Theme - Top Wedding Themes - #ThemedWeddingIdeas #WeddingThemes #WeddingIdeas #TopWeddingIdeas

3. Las Vegas Retro Wedding by Fabio and Adri Photography

Why: Because once in a while, an elopement in Las Vegas with the perfect retro diner photos is everything!

Las Vegas Retro Wedding-diner-photos -Retro Wedding Ideas - Vintage wedding Ideas - Top Wedding Themes - #ThemedWeddingIdeas #WeddingThemes #WeddingIdeas #TopWeddingIdeas

4. Moroccan Style Wedding by Samantha Ong Photography

Why: Because a sprinkle of Africa in wedding decor never hurt nobody, and that dapper groom too!

Moroccan Inspired Wedding - African Wedding Ideas - Top Wedding Themes - #ThemedWeddingIdeas #WeddingThemes #WeddingIdeas #TopWeddingIdeas

5. “God Gave Me You” Rustic Wedding by Darin Crofton Photography

Why: Who doesn’t like a couple full of faith which even extends to the wedding?

Christian Rustic Wedding - God Gave Me You Wedding - Top Wedding Themes - #ThemedWeddingIdeas #WeddingThemes #WeddingIdeas #TopWeddingIdeas

We are so excited to have made our name this year for Unique weddings. Our hope is to keep the ball rolling for the upcoming year with unique weddings but this time focusing more on the outdoor ones. So bring it on 2016, we are ready to share more wedding beauty!

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