Top Themed Engagement Sessions of 2015

Yesterday we kicked off our 2015 year recaps with the themed weddings and today we move over to the top themed engagement sessions. In the midst of all the creative submissions we got this year, we’ve managed to selected 5 of our favorite themes we’ve seen this year for engagement sessions. There’s nothing like seeing engagement sessions which include personality, props and so much character to make them stand out from the next engagement session that comes through your feed.

Here on KnotsVilla we are forever encouraging couples to think before they pose; that is, think of how you can make your engagement session personal and creative. Think of how your photos can communicate who you are as a couple rather than the regular/basic looks we see with little or no creativity.

Focusing on themes this year has truly opened our eyes to see the bar raised with photographers and couples opting to do things different, add some creativity and tell their personal stories. Here are the engagement themes that totally rocked our year this 2015!

Top Themed Engagement Sessions of 2015

1. Fishing Engagement Session by Jeannine Marie Photography

Why: Because that’s the first time we had a couple incorporate their fishing hobby into their session!


2. Rustic Vintage Fall Engagement by All My Love Photography

Why: Because all that Vintage and Rustic vibe was just too awesome not to include!


3. Baseball Themed Engagement by Bellamanda Photography

Why: Because Sports and Weddings would always go together!


4. 50s Engagement Session by Chloe Buie Photography

Why: Because that 50s vibe was very evident in everything – the outfits, the setting and the Red Automobile!

50s Engagement Session Chloe B

5. Outdoor Country Engagement by elovephotos

Why: Because who doesn’t love some country love inspired by Letter writing in a long distance relationship?

Country-engagement-session-kiss-hat Country-engagement-session-letters


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