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After 2 years of being a wedding blogger, I think I can agree that wedding bloggers play a key role in the wedding industry as a whole. As a wedding blogger, I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know many bloggers especially when I lived in the Chicago. But here in Canada, it’s quite difficult to spot the Canada based wedding blogs and this may be due to the reason of them being only a handful.

So I went digging, to showcase a few Canada based wedding blogs for those like me that are wondering if they exist. Here are the ones I came up with, run by individuals (non vendors) and updated frequently with wedding inspiration. Their audiences may not be only for Canadian brides but they qualify for this listing because the editors run their blog from this beautiful country of Canada!

1. Styled In Lace

Location – Halifax, Nova Soctia

Focusing on Atlantic Canadian Brides, Styled in Lace is the dedicated to providing wedding tips, tools and resources. In this blog you’ll discover wedding content exclusive to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

Styled In Lace is run by Colleen who grew up in rural Nova Scotia, went on to university to become a communications professional and now lives and works in Halifax, NS.

2. Wedding Obsession

Location – Edmonton, Alberta

Wedding Obsession showcases real Canadian weddings from talented vendors across Canada, along with some featured International weddings (USA and abroad). Wedding Obsession also maintains a list of Canada’s best vendors to introduce brides to vendors after a screening process.

Wedding Obsession was created by Melissa Lui Gorman in March 2008 which started as an outlet to share her obsession for weddings. She updates her blog daily – Mondays to Fridays.

Top Canada Based Wedding Blogs

3. Champagne Sweets

Location – Montreal, Quebec

A wedding blog for the Canadian Brides. Champagne Sweets is all about the Canadian Bride’s perspective and what she is interested in for her wedding day.

Run by Valerie, this blog aims to  showcase honest looks and inspiration that comes specifically from Canada. Due to the lack of Canadian wedding blogs not owned by wedding vendors, Valerie decided to create her blog to fill that void.

4. Vancity Bride

Location – Vancouver, British Columbia

Blogging from the Greater Vancouver area, Vancity Bride is dedicated to helping brides pull off their weddings on a tight budget. Vancity Bride also introduces and highlights independent local vendors in the Greater Vancouver Area to guide brides to bringing their wedding vision to life.

Vancity Bride was created by Jeannine who was once a Vancity Bride herself. After going through 9 months of rigorous wedding planning and realizing how tough a wedding on a tight budget was to pull off, Jeannine decided to help brides on a bigger scale through her blog.

5. Little Vegas Wedding

Location – Canmore, Alberta

Little Vegas Wedding focuses on Brides planning a Vegas Wedding. However this blog is run here in Canada – Canmore to be exact. Featuring real Vegas weddings, elopements and engagements, plus inspiration in the form of styled wedding shoots, Little Vegas Wedding is perfect for the Canadian bride hoping to tie the knot in Vegas.

Little Vegas Wedding was founded by Kelly, a former Las Vegas destination bride, who currently lives in western Canada.

6. KnotsVilla

Location – Toronto, Ontario

Shameless plug is totally acceptable right? As a listed Top 100 Wedding Blog, Knotsvilla is still trying to get her feet wet here in Canada after the big move from Chicago, I feel it’s about time to expose this gorgeous blog to the Canadians!

Knotsvilla is an international blog that focuses on wedding advice and inspiration for brides through theme-ful, prop-ful, color-ful and culture-ful real wedding events.

KnotsVilla was founded by myself (Gee) in 2012, after my Chicago wedding I realized I had too much information and guidance left in my head to just ignore the urge to help fellow brides in the process.

Did I miss any Canada based wedding blog you know about? Comment below with the blog so we can check it out!

Photo Credits: Photo from Bouret Bridal Collection, by Melissa Adams

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