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Let’s talk wedding themes today! Here on Knotsvilla we are pretty gaga about theme-ful weddings, so I decided to share my list of the top 10 wedding themes. Okay, I’d be honest, my top wedding themes are way more than 10, so this post would likely have a part 2 in the near future, exploring more color and seasonal themes.

KV loves to see couples express much character in their wedding styles with so much personality intertwined in the event. From the attire to decor, almost every bit of a wedding could be themed-up and when done properly could be totally swoon worthy.

There exists a whole lot of themes out there and even ones still yet to be discovered, but for now here is a quick board showing 10 wedding themes to absolutely remember! From classic, to retro; I hope you find a theme (or a mixture) that speaks to you!

Wedding themes (4)

Photo Credits: Classic Black Tie Wedding – Photo by Heather Roth Fine Art Photography via Style Me Pretty | Country Wedding – Photo by Holly Frazier Photography via Knotsvilla | Beach Wedding – Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings | Glitz & Glam Wedding – Photo by Elizabeth van der Bij via Wedding Chicks | Shabby Chic Wedding – Photo by Andie Freeman Photography via Knotsvilla | Nautical Wedding – Photo by Stephanie W Photography via Knotsvilla | Retro Wedding – Photo by Ashleigh Jayne Photography via Burnetts Boards | Boho Wedding – Photo from Bouret Wedding Dress Collection by Melissa Adams via Knotsvilla | Vintage Wedding – Photo by Kayla Adams & Co. via Wedding Chicks | Blush Romantic Wedding – Photo by Kathy Thomas Photography via Knotsvilla

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  1. Amy-Jo Tatum

    My fave theme I think is a teatime wedding! All that delicate lace and china


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