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Happy Friday friends, today we’d be giving #FashionFriday a break and jumping over to #FlowerFriday! I’m definitely in the flower mood and wanted to highlight some of Knotsvilla’s top 10 wedding bouquets for you all. These wedding bouquets range from classic romance to colorful to themed, vibrant and dramatic. These are easily some of the wedding bouquets that have kept our pretty brains spinning!

Hats off to the florists and photographers who made this post happen along with the amazing brides who shared their weddings with Knotsvilla! Here are our top 10 Wedding bouquets so far from weddings featured on Knotsvilla!

Top 10 Wedding Bouquets: Romantic Wedding Bouquets

1. Pink & Ivory Wedding Bouquet from a Elegant Gold Blush Wedding by Kathy Thomas Photography.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Romantic Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

2. Romance Inspired Peonies Wedding Bouquet from a Vintage Wedding by Dear Darling Photography. Floral Design by Bella Blooms.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Romantic Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

Top 10 Wedding Bouquets: Single Flower Wedding Bouquets

3. Red Giant Rose single wedding bouquet from a Country Bridal Session by JennaLynn Photography.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Single Giant Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

Top 10 Wedding Bouquets: Wild & Colorful Wedding Bouquets

4. Purple, Green and Blue Wild Wedding bouquet from a Floral-filled Wedding by Arden Photography. Floral Design by Sonnet House.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Lavender Wild Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

5. Vibrant Fall Colored Wedding bouquet from a Multicolored Fall Wedding by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography. Floral Design by Palette of Petals.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Vibrant Cascading Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

6. Purple, Orange and Yellow Wedding Bouquet from a Californian Indian Wedding by Erica Mendenhall Photography. Floral Design by Mary Cass, Jensen’s Florist.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Vibrant Colored Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

7. Pink and Blue Wild Flower Bouquet from a Beach Wedding by Megan Ellis Photography. Floral Design by Karro Events and Floral

Top Wedding Bouquets | Ble Pink Wild Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

Top 10 Wedding Bouquets: Winter Icy Cold Wedding Bouquet

8. Winter perfect Hydrangea and Rose Bouquet from a Winter Wonderland Wedding by Amber J Photography. Floral Design by Flower Ally.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Winter Blue Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

Top 10 Wedding Bouquets: Beach Wedding Bouquets

9. Beach Wild Wedding bouquet from a Little Mermaid Wedding by Taylor E Photography. Floral Design by Libby’s Flowers.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

10. Tall Beach Wedding bouquet from a Mexico Destination Beach Wedding by Natalie Champa Jennings Photography.

Top Wedding Bouquets | Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas


Top Wedding Bouquets | Wedding Bouquet Ideas | #WeddingIdeas #WeddingBouquetIdeas #WeddingFlowerIdeas #BridalBouquetIdeas

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