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Your hair and makeup is one of the most important detail of your whole wedding look. Your dress can be top notch but with a terrible makeup or hair, your whole look can be a disaster. For this reason, trial runs exist and brides need to take advantage of them. But before you do, here are some tips for your bridal trial runs!

5 Tips for your Bridal Trial Runs

Bridal Trial Runs

1. Show up Plain: For your stylist to work with you properly, it is ideal to show up as a plain canvas. No make up, no products, absolutely nothing. Show up for your trial run looking clean but plain. Your stylist would need to see what your plain look looks like to work with/to your bridal look vision.

2. Prepare with Photos: It is advised that brides do their homework and show up prepared. By this we mean, have an idea of what you’d like, a vision you hope to work towards with your bridal look. Pull out photos that can communicate your style to the artist so he/she has an idea of what you like and at the same time what would actually work out. Pinterest or internet photos are great sources to share your vision and beauty ideas.

The second part of this tip is that come with photos of your everyday look and your dolled up look. This helps your stylish gauge on how bold or naturally you beauty style is.

3. Dress the Part: When talking about hair and makeup, a button down shirt is always advised. This is solely for the reason that such shirts are easy to take off or put on without messing the work done on your face or your hair. For an even better look for the trial run (especially since you’d take some pictures), use white shirts. This allows you get a better visual of the overall look.

4. Don’t forget the accessories!: Trial runs are all about giving you an idea of the look on your wedding day, so you want to be as close as possible to your vision. Your accessories would easily help with that. Bring along with you your hair clips, veils, earrings, etc.

5. Speak up!: This is the whole idea of a trial run, to see what works best. Now is not the time to be silent but to engage with your stylist about how you feel with the look, the process and the outcome. If you came in thinking bangs would be perfect, you might figure out that some other style might be better, but this only occurs when there is free communication. So feel free to speak up and work with your stylist on creating the most beautiful version of you!

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Did we miss anything? What tips can you add to help our brides enjoy and experience a useful bridal trial run? Comment below!

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