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Wedding Diaries
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Today is the first entry of The Wedding Diaries Series. Unsure what it is? See the details of this post and join the fun! Ms. Utz is our first Bride giving us some insight on this series. It is always nice to read up on personal details like this because it allows you to see how one “common” stage of life can be so different across brides. I’d give the floor to Ms. Utz now; Enjoy!

THREE MONTHS. We are getting married in three months. I can’t even believe I’m sitting down and writing this…shouldn’t I be doing one of the 10,000 things on my to-do list, and stressing out like no other?!

Today is officially our three months until the wedding mark, and honestly…I feel cool, calm, and super excited.

Mr. Boh and I have been engaged for 15 months already, (and can I add, that 15 months flew by) and people (including my beloved Mr. Boh himself) thought I was crazy for starting to plan so early. “Relax” they said, “You have plenty of time” they said, “Enjoy just being engaged” they said…well let me tell you; I sure am glad I didn’t listen to them! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t jump 110% into planning as soon as we got engaged, I too wanted to enjoy the engaged part of life, but I did start to plan little by little (or if you ask Mr. Boh he may tell you it was more than a little). Mr. Boh and I knew we wanted to get married in the fall, and I being the smart bride-to-be that I am, knew that fall weddings are becoming just as popular as June weddings. So two months after getting engaged we booked our venue. Good thing we did too, since there were only three dates available for the fall (and that was 15-16 months ahead of time). So we had our venue and date, time to relax, right? Not for this bride-to-be! I proceeded to look for our photographer, my dress, our DJ, our honeymoon location, heck I looked at anything that could be researched.

We booked our photographer over a year before our wedding. I had researched many, found who I liked and decided we should book them sooner than later (I figured if our venue was already that booked photographers would be too). Mr. Boh thanks me for that now since I saved us eight hundred dollars for booking a year out, plus by booking our other vendors in advance we knew how much we would have to save for everything.

So the advice I have to you fellow brides-to-be is enjoy planning, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for planning early. I do truly think it’s important to take a step back and enjoy being engaged, don’t let the planning overpower the excitement of being engaged to your true love, but if your timeline allows for it, why not start looking early? Don’t become obsessive and think you have to get everything done right away, but don’t feel bad for wanting to get your research done in advance. Sure, I still have a one page to-do list I want to get finished before September, but truth be told, I’m not too worried about it because the big things are taken care of. And that my brides-to-be is how I am not stressing and enjoying every last 92 days of being an engaged

Happy Planning!
-Ms. Utz

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