The Wedding Diaries: Bride Jenn and her Wedding Brain

To end the month of July on a lovely note, I have decided to post the last of the Wedding Diaries entry for the month of July. This is Jenn’s first entry and as you can see from the title, the girl has got the Wedding Brain! Welcome Jenn to this awesome series and keep up with her write ups. 
Jenn writes >>>

Wedding brain. I have a full-fledged case of it. I eat, sleep, and drink weddings. Well, maybe not eat and drink, but I definitely have the wedding on my mind 24/7.

Take dreams for example. I have a wedding nightmare at least twice a month. Since I have a very DIY wedding, they mostly involve me forgetting to do something for the wedding, like make my veil, or bake my cake. I’ve even had the dream where we forgot to get married and didn’t realize it until the reception is almost over. With just over two months to go, I hope that the nightmares will get less frequent as we check more off of the to-do list. Though it doesn’t help that as we check more stuff off, we add more projects to the list. Thankfully, I have a fiancé who has been helping me in every aspect of the wedding.

When I’m not sleeping, it’s almost all I think about. I’m constantly on the search for a good deal. Sometimes this is a good thing. For example, we currently have 6 packs of photo paper for our DIY photobooth that we got for free. Sometimes, it’s not such a good thing. I’ve been out shopping and have seen something on sale that I absolutely do not need nor want, but because it’s 90% off, I wonder to myself how I could incorporate that into the wedding. Thank goodness there’s still a part of my brain that is sane and stops me from making those purchases.

Probably the worst part for me is the urge to talk about it to everyone. I have to concentrate very hard to NOT bring up the wedding when talking with friends. Really, who wants to hear every detail about my wedding? Nobody, that’s who. It’s such a struggle not to mention it though;

“You won’t believe the incredible deal I got on this thing for the wedding!” 
“You should see the awesome job we did on this project for the wedding!” 
“Oh, that reminds me, Did I tell you about this detail for our wedding?”
“Blah blah wedding. Wedding, wedding, WEDDING!!!”

Somehow I manage to keep it mostly inside. The occasional slip about the W-word comes out every now and again. Now please excuse me while I go Pinterest some more wedding ideas!

♥ Jenn

Hope July has been an awesome month for you…now let’s hope for an even better August!
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