THE Pastel Dress Party – Breast Cancer Awareness Event

As we wrap up the month of October which is a month given to raising awareness for Breast Cancer, I figured this beautiful event would be ideal to share on KV today. Not only was it a gorgeous event for a great cause, it was also one I was hoping to attend (I mean, I got ready in my pretty pastel dress and everything!), but had to miss it because something came up a few minutes before the event, ugh, that hurt!

The event was hosted by Pastel Dress Party which featured the unveiling of their brand new bridesmaid dress designs and a team of passionate and oh-so talented wedding vendors showcasing their work as well. Held at the Gladstone Hotel here in Toronto, Jessilynn Wong Photography was there to capture the event and she did so beautifully.

All proceeds of THE Pastel Dress party went to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

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About Pastel Dress Party

Pastel Dress Party is inspired by the needs of everyday women to provide beautiful custom dresses made to fit you and that are as special as the occasions you’re celebrating.

Pastel Dress Party is on a mission to bring affordable, quality, custom clothing to women everywhere. A dress should make you feel special, and there’s nothing better than knowing that a dress was made with you in mind. The idea was born when we noticed how difficult it was to find custom made dresses at reasonable prices when men had no shortage of options. Since our first dress, we’ve worked hard to make dresses and provide a service that we know women will love.”

Photos by Jessilynn Photography |

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