The N-word

…The Nightmares I mean.

Nightmares and Wedding should be the two words you least expect in one sentence but unfortunately that is far from the case in reality. Many brides become way too familiar with nightmares from the moment they fully digest the fact that they are engaged and a wedding is to be planned. This is obviously something I can very well relate to as I did have a couple myself leading up until my wedding. I haven’t yet figured out what the detailed reason for this but when I give it a thought the word “anxiety” comes to mind which I feel is birthed from the strive to perfection. As a bride, for the most part you find yourself being very anxious about the upcoming event which tends to keep you on your toes – not necessarily in a good way. Today you are worrying why the caterer did not return your call, tomorrow you are wondering why your photographer was 5 minutes late to your engagement shoot and next you are beating yourself over the wrong shade of purple linens that were ordered. In the midst of it, you find yourself actually “sweating the small stuff” and the search for a peaceful night rest becomes like that of water in the desert.

It’s all fun and games until you are the one waking up drowned in sweat and hoping your dream (nightmare) never comes true. See below for some #NightmareTales from real brides I contacted;

Laugh a little, Learn a lot

Don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

I had my first wedding nightmare the morning of 12/3/2012. Basically, the wedding coordinator turns out to be a flake. She convinces us to have our wedding in this horrible dark panel wood banquet room instead of the beautiful Catholic church we wanted. She also convinced me to get a cupcake dress, which I hated! It made me look like the stay puff marshmallow man! Next, the linens she put on our tables were rainbow fireworks print! o.O Um Hello! This isn’t some summer bbq lady! Then, the room was overbooked so we were all just standing in line outside the door of this room one wedding after another. Lastly, the wedding coordinator had paid for our cake in advance for us, we then in turn were supposed to pay her back. My mom (who passed back in 2006), wrote her a $1300 check for the cake and cutting but the cake never showed! We were cakeless! Not to mention our guests decided that they weren’t coming because of the venue which they hated. I woke up with us trying to call the wedding coordinator to get our money back. – Kasey C

I had a horrible one last night! Both the hair lady and the makeup artist didn’t show up, and we were supposed to start getting ready at 10 but it was already 3 in the afternoon. I couldn’t find my fiance and no one was helping me. My mom suggested postponing the wedding until the following night! But then the photographer was going to charge us double. It sounds stupid to type it but I woke up really upset.- Leanna T

I had one the other night that my mother about half way through the reception started opening our gifts and cards, claiming half of them as hers for “giving birth to the brat”, I so started crying and beating her in the head with by bouquet saying she was not going to ruin this for me, that it was my ONE day for it to be about me and not her…….Thankfully Future Husband’s alarm for work went off and woke me up….. ugh! I am ready to be done already haha – Kiesha C

I dreamt that when I went to go pick it up it was gone! They resold the dress! And the girl that worked there that was ‘helping’ me didn’t even look phased or concerned!!! I was all like “LET ME SPEAK TO THE OWNER”…..and my crazy Italian side came out of me. It didn’t make the dress magically appear but it felt good.

Makes me want to call the store and just confirm that it’s there and safe!!! I’ll refrain.- Leesa V

We boarded our flight to our Destination Wedding in Hawaii and as I stood to “stretch” (long flight and all) my right leg fell off. There was no pain or blood and I bent to inspect my right leg, my left one fell off! Again, no pain, no blood and really not any real “shock”. My Future Husband said “It’s okay honey, I love you no matter what” he then picked up both legs and placed them in the overhead bin. When we landed, he took my backpack out of the bin and placed one leg in each of the side pockets of my bag. He had me ride “piggy back” off the plane as I carried the back pack on my back. My legs at this point are sticking out of the side pockets, feet pointed to the sky! We arrived at the venue and I was ushered into hair and makeup. We still had my legs sticking out of the back pack and not one person we met along the way seemed surprised in any way. We went through with the ceremony and I scooted through the sand on my butt to my Future Husband. – Carrie M
Are you done having a good laugh?
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