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Winter is approaching, which means cooler temperatures and lots of celebrations. Cold weather wedding dress styles will be in full swing, so we’ve put together a list of the hottest trends and dresses you can expect to see this winter season.

Shawls for Bridesmaids and Blankets for Guests

Blankets for guests and shawls for bridesmaids are indispensable at outdoor ceremonies. An interesting take on this trend are personalized blankets, stoles, or shawls. They are practical, visually appealing, and make nice keepsakes.

Coffee and Cocoa Bars

An energizing cup of coffee and a delicious cocoa bar are a perfect match at a winter wedding. Your wedding is a great time to remind friends and loved ones of the delights of cocoa. Taking that a step further, you could fill bowls with treats, such as marshmallow flavors or different types of chocolate chips. You could even put out candy canes or cinnamon stick containers.

Ball Gowns

If you want to feel like royalty at your wedding, there’s no better time to tie the knot than this winter. Classic ball gowns were a salient feature of many 2019 and 2020 wedding collections. This attention-grabbing design is quite flexible and will work for practically all wedding types except very casual ones. Go for a gown with puffy sleeves to combine two of the biggest winter wedding trends this year.

Frozen Flowers

Frozen flower arrangements are set to be one of the biggest winter wedding trends this year. Chill your drinks in frozen floral ice buckets or make an ice sculpture the centerpiece of your decorations.

Winter Color Palettes

Deep color schemes are all the rage this winter. The hottest colors are rich burgundy, charcoal gray, and navy. This is great news for those who don’t want a bright, flashy wedding. Navy, in particular, is an excellent option because it is universally flattering. It is a neutral color, yet appealing enough to attract interest. A softer, more ethereal look will be achieved with a delicate gray complementing the wintry landscape. New York Dress’ blog has more details on the hottest colors of the season.

Decadent Icing

Icing looks as sweet as it tastes. This winter, decadent icing will work on tiny cupcakes just as well as on traditional tiered cakes if that’s what you prefer.


Your wedding is the best time to embrace your love of romantic ruffles. These feminine, frilly details are as romantic as it gets. A skirt adorned with ruffles will augment a mermaid or column silhouette. A full skirt of cascading, frothy ruffles is just as trendy as it is fun and whimsical.

Wall or Ceiling Decoration

Wall and ceiling decorations are one of our most beloved winter wedding trends. Be creative and hang antique keys, flowers, mossy branches, or foliage-covered hoops. In marquees, this design is especially fabulous. Take care not to overdo things though. If your walls are busy, your ceiling should be more understated and vice versa.

Dramatic Sleeves

When it comes to dressing for a fall or winter wedding, sleeves are a natural choice, particularly in plummeting temperatures. From formal poofs to ruffs and puffs, designers are proving size does matter this winter. In this case, less is not more. You can’t go wrong with puffy sleeves, from long pleated ones to their printed variations. It’s an attention-grabbing detail, fashion-forward enough to be considered new and original, yet one that will prove lasting.

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String Lighting

Christmas and string lighting have been a tradition at weddings for quite some time, but nothing is better than a delicate string of lights in the coldest season. Dainty lights gleaming against a snowy backdrop or against the background of a lively hearth exude cheer. This season, integrating a variety of hues or sizes of string lights in your wedding décor is a cool new take on the trend. You could combine bigger, robust bulbs in some areas with delicate string lighting in others. This will lend your lighting variety and fun while retaining a consistent look and feel.

In sum, we can say 2019/2020 winter weddings will be all about lively décor, comfort, creative refreshments, regal dresses with eye-catching detail, and classic, muted hues. Winter weddings have a class and elegance of their own, and these tendencies are no exception to the rule. We hope our tips have been helpful and wish you a memorable winter wedding experience, and don’t forget to keep warm!

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