That Shot – First Look with your Bridesmaids

Apart from the blings, the centerpieces, sparkly decor and other beautiful details of a wedding, can we both agree nothing of that beauty compares to the actual moments at a wedding? The moment the father sees his baby girl and realizes how grown and ready to leave his home she is, the moment a grandma sees her grand baby put on her 1920 necklace as her something old, or when the groom for the first time sees the lady about to become his wife. All of these shots of moments – first looks – remain the ones to treasure forever.

So today I am keeping the one of the best friends, the sisters and chics of the Bride – the Bridesmaids. Though I never had such a moment since I was the Bride who actually got dressed by my girls, I still have to agree on the beauty of these moments captured.

Happy Wedding Wednesday people!

Photo by Kelly of Spindle Photography

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Photo by Meredith Perdue Photography

Photo by Meredith Perdue Photography

Photo by Kris Kandel Photography

Do you know what makes these shots perfect? When these ladies are genuine friends which make these moments sincere – so Brides, choose wisely!
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