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Yay for Friday, Yay for News, yay for an awesome weekend. This is my second shot at bringing you Wedding World News and I think the idea is a keeper. Pretty much just look at it like an easy catch up post in case you were too busy in the week to read on all these lovely details from both my blog and other favorites. So let’s begin;
Reporting live from my desk in Chicago, *insert news reporter swag here* Lol!

Recently in the Wedding World;

  • Bobbette Kyle on Wed Me Pretty wrote on Buying Wedding Dresses Online. Yes we know not everyone “buys” this idea but I believe if done right can be a major bargain; as long as what matters most to you is a nice dress and not a nice (big) name. The Author found a short list of legit options for brides interested in this.
  • Looking for Wedding Tips for Wedding Planning? I was super excited to join the Google hangout with the Gurus of the wedding industry on Tuesday. A quick recap of the session was posted and in case you missed it, feel free to catch up.
  • I’m currently working on a post about picking your wedding photographers right and so coming across Kat’s post somewhat related to my topic definitely excited me and it is my duty to share such valuable information. Read up on her 10 Tips to get  Great Wedding Photographs.
  • This would be for Wedding Bloggers and Vendors. Sara from Burnett Boards shared a very insightful post on advertising on Wedding Blogs. I am not yet advertising on my blog, frankly I just want to take my time. But I know when I get to that point I would be coming back to digest and apply this post by Sara.
  • How to pick your Wedding Colors? I really liked this reader’s post on Aisle Perfect and it should help any bride about to begin this wedding planning journey. Still on Wedding Colors, I am absolutely swooning over this Coral and Red Inspiration styled shoot put together by Events Luxe.
  • Real Wedding feature I’m loving? Okay I might be a little bit biased since it’s a wedding in my city but I am loving every last detail of this Colorful Chicago Wedding posted on 100 Layer Cake. The Bridesmaids dress, the flowers, the Bride’s necklace…everything! Enjoy the color loving on there with me.
  • Win, Win, Win! Giveaway’s are pretty exciting, especially when you “stumble” on them at the right time. Well here are a few for you. You can Win Wedding Photography from Em the Gem anywhere in the world for 8 hours. For the Bride loving all things Culture, here is this African themed Wedding Invitation up for grabs for you by Bibi Invitations. Click the links to learn more and enter.
  • This article about the Rise of the Bloggable Wedding sorta hit a nerve for me. On Facebook I expressed how I felt about this post on BBC; it is not hard to believe some people could think like this, I think I’d call this post the sad truth. No one should be pressured to thinking validation of how successful your wedding was comes from if it has being blogged about or not. If at all you need validation of your wedding success, let me give it to you; YOU GOT MARRIED! Sorry for yelling, okay now I’m back to being calm 🙂 Point being don’t be under any pressure, the pressure of Wedding planning itself is already enough. Share your wedding if you wish but if your goal is for validation I suggest you look somewhere else. 
+ My Anniversary Weekend
One of the funniest moments in our Wedding

A little on the personal side, it is my wedding anniversary weekend…pretty excited! This time last year things were getting in place for my Sunday Wedding on June 24 2012. My family & friends were arriving in the city and most of all if I remember correctly my Husband was getting ready to board his flight to Chicago to marry me, yes me 🙂 *giggles* Undoubtedly those days were pretty the most exciting and busiest preparations I have ever been involved in and honestly I would do it all over again, hahaha! But the days after; the days I got to answer Mrs. Asaam, the days I get to remind myself I am the wife to the most amazing man on earth, yeah those days up until today have been my best! We have had challenges (especially having to live apart), but I couldn’t imagine anyone else with me in these times other than my husband and every time I am thank God for him.

The anniversary plans? Can’t spill now because there would probably be a post on it so just be patient. Today I head out for the vacation I have been raving about on twitter and I get to spend 2 weeks away from my Chicago busy life and with my husband. Two weeks of test running my new considered lifestyle; The Blogging Housewife, LOL! Clearly I am a little too excited about this vacation, who wouldn’t be? I just want to wake up next to my husband, pray and read our bible together, maybe (lol) make breakfast for him, kiss him “Goodbye and have a great day at work” and then open my laptop and Blog all day! Believe me, it is all playing very well in my head…

So don’t worry, this Blog is not going on vacation in any sense, your daily doses of inspiration would still be on, I just wouldn’t be doing it from an office in Chicago but from my bed in Toronto.

See you on the other side loves!

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