Texas Vintage themed Engagement Shoot by Two Tall Janes Photography

As Nick & Diana prepare for their Wedding on November 23, 2013, they have decided to explore their love for vintage and anything circa 1920-1960! The couple shot their engagement photos in 3 ‘planned’ places and 1 spur of the moment location. Their first location was San Antonio’s Botanical Garden which they chose because of its beauty and diversity. Their second place was the Pearl Brewery which is where they refer to as their “secret spot.” The third location is the Union Pacific train yard. Trains are extremely important to the two; Diana grew up about 50 yards from the train tracks and heard them every night while Nick has been a graffiti writer since the age of 13 and used to paint on the boxcars. Shooting on the tracks near the train was definitely a must for them. The last and unplanned location happened at a neighbors house whom they hadn’t met until the day of their shoot. Ernest lives down the street from the couple and owns an old black and white restored 1956 Chevrolet Belaire- the couple couldn’t pass up taking photos next to it so Diana knocked on his door and asked him; he said Yes!

Thanks to Two Tall Janes Photography for this awesome peek into the wedding preparation of Nick and Diana through this engagement shoot.

Review by Diana: I have personally known Candice since Jr. High days as she is only 1 year older than me. Practically everything she shoots with her camera is pure gold- SHE IS AMAZING to say the very least. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun and professional experience during this shoot and at a really great price, to boot! Her assistant, and good friend to us both, Roger Stewardson helped during the shoot and he was extremely nice and helpful! I would recommend Two Tall Janes Photography to anyone who asks for sure. I cant wait to see what she turns out for my bridals and our wedding!

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