Tenth Year Anniversary Shoot by JDHowell Photography

Gaaaaah! My heart loves me some gorgeous weddings but when the focus is put on the actual marriage, then I get way too hyped! Seeing a Tenth year anniversary shoot surely magnifies the beauty of a marriage, a good one and a long one! Today we have Anthony and Melody’s tenth year anniversary shoot photographed by JDHowell Photography, and we get to see them show up in their wedding attire they wore 10 years ago!

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About the Couple

“We met when we were young at a church event both of our families attended; I was 11 and Anthony was 15. At first, Anthony didn’t know that I was only 11 and began to talk to me and asked for my address so we could keep in touch. When I got home, I wrote him one letter and didn’t hear anything back, so I figured he wasn’t interested and I didn’t think much of it.

Apparently, he had found out that I was only 11 years old and that freaked him out so he didn’t want to write me back. However, about a month later, we saw each other again at an event both our parents were at and he began to give excuses why he didn’t respond. He then asked me to write him again (the little stinker!). I figured his excuses made sense and wrote him one more time…this time when no reply came back I caught on that he was just leading me on and was extremely mad!

I would always talk bad about him and held a huge grudge against him! Six years later, I went off to collage and at orientation I heard from another girl I knew that “Anthony Fusco” would be attending the same collage as me! Boy was I ready to show him what he missed out on! I mean, after all, I was older, prettier, smarter, I already had a boyfriend, and I was going to just stuff it all in his face!

When he got to school I didn’t recognize him right away and we ended up in the same circle of people talking. All of the sudden, he said who he was and I immediately turned on my snotty attitude toward him! However, my “ice queen” act didn’t last long and before I knew it, he stole my heart all over again!

I ended up breaking it off with my boyfriend and we began to date. About a year later we were engaged and we were married on April 24th 2004. I’m blessed to say we are “happily” married now for over 10 years! It’s so hard for me to remember what life was like without him! I know for a fact that I could have met him at any point in my life and I would have fallen for him every time!” – Melody

Tenth-year-anniversary-cafe-balloons Tenth-year-anniversary-cafe Tenth-year-anniversary-cafe-ring Tenth-year-anniversary-10 Tenth-year-anniversary-balloons-shoot Tenth-year-anniversary-balloons-props Tenth-year-anniversary-cute Tenth-year-anniversary-balloons Tenth-year-anniversary-gum-fun

Marital Advice (by Melody)

– Always give 100% (even if the other person isn’t).

– Be ready to embrace changes! We all change as we get older and we have to learn to roll with some of them as they come along!

– Always tell each other the truth (even if the truth hurts). Trust is more important than saving face.

– Have each other’s back! Don’t let other people talk bad about your spouse and don’t talk bad about your spouse to others. They are your “other half” and should be treated as such!


Photographer:  JDHowell Photography//Restaurant: Cafe Zinc//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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