Sunset Golden Gate Bridge Engagement | Carito Photography

When: November 13, 2016 | Where: San Francisco, CA | Theme: Sunset, Outdoor, Elegant

Be still my heart, this sunset golden gate bridge engagement session is just too perfect! Perfectly shot by Carito Photography, R and J are the lovliest pair with the sunset, their smiles and a whole lotta elegance in these photos.

Details about the Sunset Golden Gate Bridge Engagement

“After having lived hundred of miles apart across the U.S. while studying and working as researchers, it was clear for them that they wanted to come home to California for their wedding and their start into life as husband & wife. This theme of “coming home” was also the underlying tune for their engagement session.

We decided to integrate one of the most prominent Californian symbols, the Golden Gate Bridge, into their engagement photos. Even though we had other locations planned for this shoot, we simply couldn’t get away from the beautiful sunset, the mist of the ocean and the majestic bridge that served as a backdrop after sunset. The best things happen by chance and we simply embraced them.” – Carito Photography

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“Our friend who photographed our proposal introduced us to two of her amazing friends, one of which is the ever so talented Caro. With this fun group, we had such an adventure as we raced towards traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, raced against the setting sun, and windy conditions to get captured during golden hour – and as you can tell, some epic photos were indeed captured!

Being in a place where we could look out into the serene ocean and very magical sunset on one side, and then look behind us to see the Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful cityscape, and the enchanting supermoon on the other side, set a perfectly natural romantic tone for us. We didn’t have to do any work other than just be ourselves and feel happy having a fun group of photographers around. It was truly an amazing and memorable evening that we are so incredibly grateful to have experienced. And now we have gorgeous photographs to go along with those sweet memories.” – J

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Proposal Story

“It was New Year’s Eve 2014. R asked me to help a friend set up for a NYE party in a hip San Francisco loft. When we got to SF, R played it cool when there were some delays which I had no idea about. We walked along the Embarcadero and took some selfies while we waited and stood in a long line for some snacks at this tiny market before ditching the line and heading over to the loft. When I entered the loft, it was dimly lit with tealight candles and red rose petals sprinkled down the hallway. I was so amazed that this NYE party had such a romantic vibe to it! I also was confused because no one was in sight, and it looked like it was already set up for an event, so I wasn’t sure what we’d be able to help with.

While in the coatroom with more candles and rose petals, it took me a couple minutes before realizing that R was going to propose to me. Upon realizing this, I stayed very calm, but the feeling of joy and surprise inside kept bubbling up. With a slideshow on an iPad, he took me through all our happy years together in photos. Afterwards, we went to the main living room area with more candles and rose petals shaped in a large circle. There were printed photo collages on the walls in the shape of two large hearts – all while music from one of our favorite artists was playing in the background. We danced in the circle, and the when the music stopped, he so sweetly and nervously proposed. I assuredly said “absolutely”!

I noticed a friend of ours who is a talented photographer taking our photos, and then shortly after, friends and family members slowly started trickling down from the upper level of the loft! They couldn’t see us during the proposal, but they definitely heard my answer! We toasted, had some awesome food, and it turns out there actually was going to be a NYE party there after all hosted by our friend. It was such a surreal and romantic night ending with the most mesmerizing fireworks I’d ever seen right by the Bay Bridge. We got married on NYE 2016 to commemorate this epic proposal of ours.” – J

Photo Session Advice

“If you’re not used to being in front of a camera and posing intimately in public, we’d suggest asking your photographer for tips on how to get comfortable ahead of time, and maybe even practice on your own to see what poses you’re comfortable with and come naturally to you.

Also, having a photographer you feel comfortable with makes a difference. Caro, our photographer, is an exceptional human being and equally exceptional photographer. She helped us feel naturally at ease during photography and wasn’t afraid to jump in and make little adjustments for the perfect look all while being a great communicator. She gave us excellent direction and suggestions with such kindness and patience. We also loved that she is a confident photographer. Hats off to Caro for a truly phenomenal experience.” – J


Photography & Concept: Carito Photography | Necklace: Neha Samira | Make Up & Styling: done by the bride | Location: Golden Gate Bridge Vista point

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