Sunset Beach Picnic Engagement by All My Love Photography

About the Sunset Beach Picnic Engagement Session

Photographed on the Ocean City Boardwalk and on the beach by All My Love Photography, this adorable couple is serving us so much style today! They brought along their sweet puppy and a bunch of adorable props – things that make KV readers way too pumped! Alexa wore a stunning red dress, chunky pearls, and Louboutins! They wrapped it up with gorgeous sunset photos by the ocean, casual but definitely still stylish!

This is Alexa and Micheal, they are stylish, Be like Alexa and Michael (Yeah we’ve been spending so much time on facebook clearly, haha!)

Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-2 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-red-bottoms Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-lollipop Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-sessionred-lollipop Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-lollipop-2 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-5 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-6 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-4 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-1

About the Couple

“Michael and I met at Villanova University through mutual friends during our freshman year in 2008. Michael hosted a Halloween party in 2010 and confessed his “crush” and we began dating a few months later.I’m a huge Disney fan and was somehow able to convince Michael to go to Disney World together during senior year of college. I always felt that the first boy I took to Disney would be the one I married.

After graduation in 2012, we dated long distance for almost two years before moving in together in January 2014 and adopting our cavapoo, Winnie, in September 2014. My family had planned a trip to Disney World for May 2015. After picking out the perfect ring and asking my father for permission, Michael sneakily worked with my parents to make special arrangements to propose during the trip.

Two days after we got there, Michael and myself, along with my family, boarded the Grand 1 Yacht outside of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. A photographer wanted to take pictures of the couples and told Michael and me to come to the lower level of the yacht for our “session.” The captain then stopped the boat with a picture-perfect view of Cinderella castle in the background. After a few photos, Michael turned to me, dropped to one knee and reminded me that I said I would marry the first boy I brought to Disney. He asked me to be his wife and of course I agreed!

My family came downstairs from the upper level of the yacht followed by Michael’s whole family who was hiding on the boat as well. I had no idea they had flown down to join in the celebrations! For the next hour, both families enjoyed champagne toasts and joyous tears while cruising around the lagoon. The boat dropped us off at the Magic Kingdom and the whole family spent the day together in the happiest place on Earth followed by a dinner celebration. When we got back to the hotel that night, there was a big bouquet of roses waiting for me from my new fiance!” – Alexa

Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-00 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-01 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-props-2 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-props Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-basket Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-knotsvilla Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-008 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-001 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-08 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-07 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-005 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-05 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-006 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-06 Sunset-Beach-Picnic-Engagement-session-04


Photographer:  All My Love Photography// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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