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When: Aug 06, 2016 | Where: St. Petersburg, FL | Theme: Sunset, Elegant, Coastal, Beach

We are so thrilled to be showing off our first Matchology submission with this gorgeous couple Brittany and Clifton, in their Sunset Beach Engagement session! Captured beautifully by Caroline & Evan Photography last summer, the adventurous couple got in the water at the end and had a postcard-perfect killer sunset to top up the session.

Brittany and Clifton had their session had 2 parts which we equally love – the casual beach session and the elegant one which Brittany is ever so stunning in that dress!

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How  they Met

“We first met in the fall of 2007 (whoa, almost a DECADE ago) during our first semester at Baylor University. We quickly became inseparable and started dating a few months later. Our college experience was really us growing into the adults we are today, together.

Through us cheering for each other at the many football games and track meets and dancing until the sun rose at our AKA and Kappa parties and laying up under each other exhausted from football or track practice, we became inseparable. We split up when we graduated and distance separated us, but God always has a plan right? We found our way back to each other a few years later while he was teaching and coaching high school football and I was slaving away in medical school.

It truly was like coming home again. There’s nothing like the relationship we have with each other. We’ve always had a very special relationship, one in which we are truly ourselves and our love and appreciation for each other as individuals continues to grow throughout the years.” – Brittany

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Outfits of the Photo Session

“We wanted our outfits to be casual , yet classy, and romantic. We wanted to wear something we would be comfortable in and something we would normally wear for a “night out”.” – Brittany

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Proposal story

“We’d talked about it before… when we would want to get engaged. After I graduate medical school? After we lived in the same city? We’d agreed that we would just wait it out, wait a few years and see. He had me 110% fooled.

He flew into Kansas City about a month prior WITHOUT ME KNOWING, went to dinner with my parents, and asked for my hand in marriage.

He then proceeded to plan the most romantic and thoughtful proposal that had me in tears for literally HOURS! He thought of every last detail… where to hide the ring for the entire week we were together in LA, the most romantic gondola ride on Venice beach with the gondolier from my hometown, how to fly both of our parents and my closest friends out to LA to surprise me right after he proposed, the photographer that he hired to take pictures of the entire night, the beautiful dinner reservations where my friends surprised me, the toast he gave at dinner to my parents and friends, and all the fun we had together that night celebrating with my family and closest friends. I’m a lucky woman!” – Brittany

The Ring

Cushion cut ring with halo and diamond band. Jeweler: Grissom’s Jewelry in Ft. Worth, TX

Photo Session Advice

“Just be you! It’s never a natural feeling with the camera 2 feet away from you, but try to just enjoy that moment with your fiance. For us, that meant we were super touchy feeling during our shoot haha (which we are in real life too), but it captured the essence of us, which made it not seem so “made up” when we saw the final shots. Just have fun with it!” – Brittany


Photography: Caroline & Evan Photography

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