Sunrise Film Engagement by Ashley dePencier Photography

When: Feb 12, 2016 | Where: Bakersfield, California | Theme: Sunrise, Outdoor,

Jake and Jade’s film engagement session was photographed on the dry Kern River bed at sunrise with the morning fog. They picked a location that juxtaposed dormant nature against new growth, life and love. Jade wore a gorgeous blush, long maxi dress while Jake dressed up in his suit coat. Styled gorgeously by Mint Design, they brought in props such as chairs, flower crowns, and the favorite Silk and Willow ribbons. This sunrise film engagement session was shot with both film and digital capture.

Sunrise Film Engagement Session

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About the Couple

“We met on July 10, 2014 at our local gun shop here in Bakersfield, California. He went on to the shooting range and later that day I sold him a firearm. After that, I messaged both my mom and best friend and told them I met my future husband. Two days later he came back in and went on the range again and I slipped a note with his stuff that read “take a ‘shot’ and call or text me sometime” with my number. It worked. He’s kept it in his wallet ever since.” – Jade

Wedding Planning Advice

“Some advice I would give to engaged couples planning a wedding would be to remember that it is about you two and not everybody else. Don’t plan the wedding to please everybody. please yourselves! it’s YOUR big day.

Jacob said having a long engagement (1 year and 7 months) was great because we had time to put deposits down and pay for everything. We had time to change or alter things, while we still had time to go on dates and still focus on us.”

Vendor Review

“Ashley DePencier has always been one of my favorite photographers. Every time I shoot with her, I know she’s going to use film, which I love (who doesn’t!?). Our pictures turned out amazing but no one would have suspected that we had to be up at 6 a.m. to catch the sunrise. It’s 50-60 degrees outside and I’m in sandals. My toes were frozen the entire morning! It was all worth it.

I have beautiful pictures to show our families and future kids, I get to spend forever with my better half, and I love that we can both just be ourselves. Ashley has captured that through her photography. She will capture our big day as well so stay tuned for that!”


Photographer:  Ashley dePencier Photography//Floral and Styling: Mint Design// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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