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Welcome to the world of wedding blogging; where the blogs are countless, the creatives are never ending and the couples never run out of wedding inspiration! According to Splendid Insights 2016 Global Wedding Survey, 34% of Millennial couples are using blogs to plan their weddings and find their vendors. Nearly 50% Google search wedding inspiration and vendors.

Wedding blogs provide couples with an online space for wedding inspiration and planning advice, and they easily dominate search and have incredible social media reach,. From real weddings to styled shoots and more, wedding blogs curate content especially for engaged couples. Because this content comes from vendors, and wedding bloggers always give vendor credit, wedding blogs are power vehicles for connecting couples to wedding pros.


Submitting content to wedding blogs is free in most cases. For the vendors, “it’s an opportunity to share your work with our readers and reach a different audience across a variety of platforms – not just the blog but our social channels too.” – Danielle of The wedding Playbook.

Understanding the way this blog-vendor relationship works is key when it comes to maximizing the advantages of the relationship, both as a blogger and a vendor. For the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on the benefits of vendor submissions.

Why Submit Your Work To Wedding Blogs

Free exposure. When you submit are published on wedding blogs  as your work is exposed to hundreds of thousands of blog visitors for free.

You may wonder, “why do blog visitors matter?”

Well, because 7 out of 10 brides use social media for wedding planning and wedding blogs help distribute vendors’ work to their various social media outlets. Think about it. It’s a wedding blogger’s job to grow audience, traffic and social media exposure. When you submit, you get a piece of that powerful exposure.

Increased SEO. Getting published on a wedding blog is also good for SEO. Google still ranks based on inbound links. There is also evidence that Google is looking at what it calls “social signals” to rank websites. When you get published on a wedding blog, you get a link back to your website and mentioned on social media. According to photographer and wedding blog editor, Chelsea Lavere of Tidewater and Tulle, Working with wedding blogs is “SEO gold. I’ve booked weddings off of features from years ago because it lived forever on Pinterest.”

Book More Clients. The ultimate goal for vendors who submit their work is to get more clients. Though getting published on blogs doesn’t always magically translate to bookings,  it does make it easier for potential clients to find you online. Because almost half of all Millennial couples search for their vendors online, this added exposure increases your ability to generate leads and inquiries, and eventually book more clients.

When to Submit your Work To Wedding Blogs

Anytime: Blogs publish weddings year-round, so any time is a good time to submit. On a big-picture level, every time is a good time to submit to wedding blogs because blogs run throughout the year.

But it really depends: However, each blogger also maintains her own editorial calendar, so the “right time” could be different for different blogs. Seasonal changes, holidays and new trends can all factor into a bloggers editorial calendar. And each blog is different. Just like with magazines, a blog’s lead time may be long, making wait times for publication lengthy.

And it’s a process: When submitting, take into account the length of time the whole process can take. From the moment a vendor sends out his/her submission to a blog to the time it actually goes live can take as long as 6 months or longer. The busier the blog, the longer the wait time. Look on the blog’s “submissions” page to get a sense of wait times between submission, notification of acceptance and publication.

How to Submit Your Work To Wedding Blogs

Successful submitting boils down to doing a bit of research. Know the blogs out there, know their niche, know their market then target the ones who you believe have readers who you would love as clients.

Some are wedding blogs based on themes/styles, others are based on geographical areas. You can manually submit after doing your detailed research or use a service like Two Bright Lights which automates the process a little bit.

6 Easy Steps to Getting Free Exposure on Wedding Blogs

Step 1: Know/Research the Blogs

Look for blogs you love.  Do they showcase work like yours? Would your submission make sense  on it? – this can be based on target audience, your personal love for the blog (or the blogger), etc. Unsure of where to start since way too many blogs exist? You can check out this list of over 100 blogs by Bridal Musings, this list of the top wedding blogs, or Two Bright Lights’ publishers.

Step 2: Get your content ready.

To keep their readers satisfied and coming back, wedding blogs need both photos and details.

Have important details ready, especially the names and websites of ALL vendors who worked on the submission (real weddings, engagement session, styled shoots, etc.) Also include an album story, which is a summary of the event, what was special or inspiring about it or any backstory.  If it was a real event, include the couple’s contact info.

However the requirements may be different for different blogs so be sure to check the blog’s submissions page.

Step 3: Hit Submit

After you review of the blog’s submission guidelines/requirements and all are met, submit using the method specified as the blogger’s preferred method. Some prefer email submissions, others have their own submissions tool and others ask for a dropbox link or a Two Bright Lights submission.

Honor the blogger’s preferences. Bloggers can get dozens if not hundreds of submissions a day and her submission preferences help her with her workflow and will ensure you get a response promptly. If a blog explicitly says it only accepts submissions through Two Bright Lights, don’t send in an email submission.

Step 4: Wait.

Waiting can be boring, but try to be patient. Remember, different blogs have different review and publication periods – it could be as short as 2 weeks or as long 6 months.

During this review period, do not submit the same content to another blog especially when the first blog you submitted to is an exclusive blog. Yes, the waiting period might be long and you can be tempted to find somewhere else to submit your work to, but don’t. You can easily burn bridges with your favorite bloggers that way. You would have noted the time the  review process takes in step 3, when you reviewed the submission guidelines.

Step 5: Rejoice or Move On.

After the blogger has had a chance to review your submission, you’ll be notified whether your submission has been accepted or rejected.

If it has been accepted, rejoice and prepare for the publication. Get ready to inform the couple or other vendors involved. Then get excited! Now you have a feel of the process, you can keep it up by making more submissions while you wait for your feature to go live.

If your submission was rejected, well, take a step back and figure out why. Rejection can happen for a number of reasons and in most cases the blog will let you know. Don’t be discouraged, consider the reason the blogger gave for the rejection and if there’s something on your end to be improved on. Make the improvement and try again. Submit to the same blog or try a few new ones.

Step 6: Share!

The whole dynamic of vendors, couples and bloggers in the online wedding industry works perfectly when we share. When your content finally goes live on the blog, the more people share it, the more eyes it gets and this increases the chances of achieving the reason behind submitting to the blog in the first place; more eyes, SEO juice and possibly more bookings.

That’s the gist of it all, it’s a wonderful world of bloggers, vendors and couples where if done right, everyone wins!

Question of the Post

What are your thoughts on wedding blog submissions? Have you tried it? If not, why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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