Styling Pink Grooms {Pinktober}

Fashion Friday again and we are going in the manly direction! I thought mixing Pinktober with fashion for the men would be a good twist to the Pinktober series. I know many at some point, cringed at the thought of men wearing Pink but are those days gone or what? Allow me to welcome you into the stylish Pink Grooms and how it all works out.

Remember when we talked of styling your grooms? I listed the major items to consider for color: suits/jackets/outwear, shirts, pants, bouts, ties, pocket squares, suspenders and socks. Here I have included a few of those items in my Pink Groom style board with the Pink, Black and White Palette. In my board I went head on for the most obvious – the jacket. I had to find the perfect model to communicate this style I had pictured in my head and thank goodness I found one. While the pink jacket is really enough, I thought just like the model, a pink tie with the pink jacket was taking it even further – further with style.

For some pink real groom inspiration, I have found below very stylish photos as the perfect examples.

Pink-Groom-Wedding-Style (3)Get the Look (or Similar) – Affiliate Links

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Groom in Pink Pants


Groom and groomsmen in Pink Ties


Groom in Pink Blazer


Groom and groomsmen in Pink Socks


Photo Credits: Groom in Pink Pants, photo via Onewed | Groom & Groomsmen in Pink Ties, Photo by Elizabeth Cayton Photography via Knotsvilla | Groom in Pink Blazer, photo by Ben Clark Photography via Mrs P and P | Groom and groomsmen in Pink socks, photo by Jamie Lee Photography via Knotsvilla

Pinktober is how I use Knotsvilla to promote Breast Cancer Awareness the little way I know how – through blogging. Pinktober runs once a week through out the month of October, where I post a “Pink” post in honor of the cause of the month.

For more on style and men, see my Style Boards or Men Fashion Posts.

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