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When: Oct 15, 2016 | Where: North Carolina | Theme: Mountain,

Marissa and Zach had their stunning and stylish mountain top engagement photos taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. They drove from Nashville, TN, and literally stumbled upon the trail they were wanting to find. Photographed by the bride’s sister, Rae Marshall Weddings, this session is totally swoon worthy!

“We climbed for over an hour, in our best outfits to reach the top by the time the sun was going to be in the perfect place. Hikers and campers were cheering us on behind the camera, knowing that these photos were going to turn out breath-taking. It felt AMAZING outside, and regardless of the sweat, Zach and I knew this place was going to make for the best memories. “

Stylish Mountain Top Engagement Session

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Proposal Story

“Zach started planning our engagement 3 months in advance. He asked my father for permission and then started gathering our friends and family, making sure everyone could be present and involved on the big day.

On July 2nd, I thought I was going to help my friend, April, with a music video she was shooting. I pulled up to the address she had given me and saw a very handsome man standing in a suit in front of me, surrounded by flowers and candles. I didn’t actually recognize that it was Zach until I saw my older sister, Rae Marshall (the photographer of our engagement photos) standing to the side with her camera, smiling at me. Maybe I just couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

I instantly started crying, got out of my car, and walked towards him. Zach was holding his Bible, and a note he had written. I couldn’t tell you now what all he said, but I can tell you we both felt so much excitement in that moment. Once he had proposed and we had taken some red-faced and teary eyed pictures, he drove me to his parents house, where all of our family and friends were waiting for us to celebrate. It was the best day of my life so far… And I can’t wait to top it on April 15th!” – Marissa

Photo Session Advice

“My best advice for planning the perfect engagement photos would be STYLE STYLE STYLE. You can take beautiful photos no matter where you are, but really put thought and effort into your outfits. Be bold, be unconventional, and find a photographer crazy enough to climb a mountain with you!” – Marissa


Photographer:  Rae Marshall Weddings//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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