Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns We LOVE!

While strapless wedding gowns are all over the market, the few times I get to spot long sleeve wedding gowns I’m always in awe of the class that comes with most of them. Beaute Comme Toi’s selection across a couple of collections (fall 18/19, spring summer 19/20 and fall 19/20) is totally rocking the game when it comes to this stylish and elegant bridal style.

There’s such timelessness yet modern vibe that shows up in this selection of long wedding gowns I just couldn’t wait any longer to show you! You know how there’s some association of a frompy look with long sleeve wedding gowns? Well it’s time to change that idea with the photos below. Not only are these dresses exceptional, but let’s be practical for once and agree that a winter wedding would be best with a long sleeve wedding gown.

Okay I’m done (because I promise you, I can go on and on when it comes to long sleeve wedding gowns), I’d just let you see the gorgeousness of these pieces and you decide for yourself! 

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  1. Christina Victoria

    Wow! Some truly stunning gowns. I absolutely love gowns with sleeves – so classic and they hide anything you might want to hide!! Nothing spilling out and looking messy!


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