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Exactly one week ago, I and Arambada Photography got up to “get to know some Greater Toronto Area vendors” with a studio tour. After carefully looking at highly reviewed vendors in my new city, we started with Bridezilla Beauty – a makeup and hairstyle vendor located here in the city of Toronto.

Oh, what a pleasure it was to spend some awesome time with the ladies in a fabulous girl cave they call their studio. While I was harnessing and experiencing my super powers that made me feel I would make a good TV host *wink wink*, I was also given opportunity to learn a whole lot about what these bridal beauty experts go through to give the brides the best look and feel on their wedding day.

About the Studio

The Bridezilla Beauty studio is conveniently located at 375 Jane Street, Toronto, ON. This adorable girl cave for brides is shared by both Bridezilla Beauty and Wedding planner/Stylist Liana of Birch and Lace. Perfectly angled for natural light, this cozy studio is decorated with white painted vintage furniture, mirrors and mirror frames, creating the perfect vintage shabby chic studio that brides would definitely feel comfortable in.


The Team

The Bridezilla Beauty team is made up of 13 Individuals, Alyssa Caron, the founder and 12 other talented makeup artists and hair stylists. For this studio tour we met with 3 of the team; Alyssa, Jen and Natasha.

How it Works – Get to Know the Bride

Bridezilla Beauty is all about asking questions. Once a client reaches out, they believe in drilling down to get to know the bride as a person to be able to better understand her vision for her bridal look. Alyssa also stressed the idea of asking for reference photos of the Bride at past events.

Along with getting to see what the Bride likes, the team is also interested in knowing what they don’t like. Just like a DJ is given a “Do Not Play” list, the team at Bridezilla Beauty agrees with the idea of knowing what to avoid when styling a bride.


Makeup and Hair Trials

Makeup and Hair trials are highly encouraged by Bridezilla Beauty. Having a trial allows the artist to fully understand the bride and completely picture her wedding day look. These are the times when they get to know what would work out and what changes need to be made. Of course it is more efficient to have a trial before the actual day because it makes things move a lot faster and nerves are much calmer.

More than 90% of Bridezilla Beauty clients have their trials done, except for those who live out of town and due to distance, can’t make it.

Inspiration – Who inspires Bridezilla Beauty?

It was such a breath of fresh air to hear the Bridezilla Beauty team say their inspiration was all in-house. That is, the team members are constantly inspiring each other to be better artists. I love such in-house inspiration because I strongly believe it brings about a tighter team and most likely, better art.


It’s  flooded market, how does Bridezilla Beauty stand out?

Referrals, Reviews and never leaving until the clients are satisfied; these are the 3 things the Bridezilla Beauty team members echoed about standing out and distinguishing their work in a very flooded wedding market. They also believe in keeping their work professional but also having a calming presence. Many times the job is not only about creating a gorgeous and flawless looking bride but also a calm and happy one.

The Natural Look

Lately we have seen the trend of brides opting for more natural looks. I hate to call it a trend because I truly believe it is not going anywhere. Alyssa and her team agreed with me that majority of their clients are lovers of the Natural makeup look because it presents them as the best version of themselves as opposed to a totally different person.


The Elegantly Undone Hair

I was eager to find out what hair style was a favorite or most common. According to Alyssa, she referred to it as the “Elegantly Undone” hairstyle. Just as the name implies, this hair style is all about the flowy and romantic look of imperfection; not messy but not done to look perfect. The is what “I woke Up Like This” should really refer to 🙂

The Eyebrows

I had to admit, I am one of those who were wondering what’s the fuss about Eyebrows. They have suddenly become a thing and I was struggling to understand why. Alyssa likened a wrong or non existent eyebrow to a picture without a frame. To frame the face properly is to pay attention to the eyebrows. Can we get an Amen here?!

Bridezilla Beauty Studio


Hope you enjoyed learning about Bridezilla Beauty with this Studio Tour. Look out for more studio tours with the fabulous vendors here in the Toronto Area. For those interested in having Knotsvilla tour their studio, please email us hello (at) knotsvilla (dot) com for more info.

PS: It’s my birthday today….say a word of prayer for me 🙂

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