How to Beat the Bridezilla Virus | Stop Being A Bridezilla

Much like getting sick, the Bridezilla virus starts with several common symptoms. Before long you find yourself in a downward spiral, completely out of control! You need help to stop being a Bridezilla.

If you do catch the Bridezilla bug, try the time tested remedies below to say goodbye to the cranky bridezilla and hello to the blushing bride within!

Stop Being A Bridezilla

Bridezilla Signs and Symptoms

1. You’re snapping at everyone: You know you’ve gone full bridezilla when you snap at your poor elderly grandma. The severity of this symptom can become so great you don’t even realize you’re doing it.

2. You’re trying to control everything: It’s normal for brides to seek perfection, but what’s not normal is driving your entire wedding party crazy. If you sound like a drill sergeant, you’ve gone too far.

3. You’re at a 10, a very loud 10: Your table runner just came in and it’s eggshell instead of cream. If you’re on the phone screaming, you’ve caught the bug! Your vendors are much more likely to go above and beyond if you show them respect.

4. People Don’t Want to Be Around You: Don’t let wedding planning poison your relationships with your soon to be hubby, friends and loved ones. While your wedding day is fleeting, these relationships will follow you forever.

5 Remedies To Stop Being A Bridezilla

1. Mantra and Meditate

Create a personal mantra to anchor you when the seas get rough. Create your own one line mantra of peace, love and tranquility or try “This is only a paper tiger”, developed specifically for managing stress, boosting self confidence, and handling the anxiety that comes along with wedding planning.

Incorporate simple guided meditations with apps like Headspace and 10% Happier, created to help you stay zen even when you’re in meltdown mode. We love these apps because they offer short meditations that only take you a few minutes. Studies suggest that even five minutes of meditation can lower blood pressure and help relieve anxiety!

2. Start A Daily Gratitude Journal

Take time throughout the day to remind yourself what your wedding day is really about. Use your gratitude journal to write down one thing you’re thankful for every day. To get started, date a fresh page in your notebook and write “Today I am thankful for..” Don’t believe us? Listen to how a gratitude journal has helped Oprah become the woman she is today!

Be thankful

3. Send Thank You Notes Before The Wedding

Get a jump start on your apology tour for loved ones who may need to be reminded that you appreciate them. While it’s customary to write thank you notes when the wedding is done and over with, writing a thank you note before the wedding is a quick and thoughtful way to set the stage for a loving wedding day that’s free of resentment!

This is a thoughtful and inexpensive way to remind your loved ones that you love them, and appreciate the time and effort they’re putting in to help make your day extra special.

4. Avoid Getting Hangry At All Costs

It’s been scientifically proven that poor nutrition leads to stress! Keep healthy snacks on your person at all times to avoid hANGER. It’s easy to mis plan your meals and slip into cranky zilla mode when you’re running around from one vendor to the next. Snacks will not only keep the -zilla at bay, they’ll give you more energy to tackle your to-do list without the added stress and sluggish feeling.

5. Say The Magic Words “I’M SORRY”

Admitting you’re wrong is a sign of true maturity and respect. Most of the time your family will understand the pressure you’re under and will respect your ability to apologize. Remember too that weddings aren’t only stressful for the bride. Sometimes it’s worth a quick apology, even if you don’t think you’re in the wrong. In the end it’s better to maintain the peace than risk unnecessary tension that could be avoided with a simple “I’m (really) sorry.”

No one expects you to be a stress free-bride, but you don’t have to tear other people down in order to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! At the end of the day LOVE is the best cure for a Bridezilla! Go snuggle with your fiancé or go out to breakfast with your mom! Stick to the remedies above and you’ll be sure to have a wedding day everyone can enjoy, including you!

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