Steampunk Rustic Wedding Inspiration

In these times when rustic weddings are becoming even more popular, a growing trend is with couples making their rustic weddings even more creative and personal; think of theme mixing and tweaking! Maple Shade Farms in Delhi, NY has embraced this idea wholeheartedly as we see in today’s Steampunk Rustic Wedding Inspiration.

Abby and Jay of Maple Shade Farms create and tailor details to each couple. With this styled shoot, the infusion of a subtle steampunk vibe into a classic rustic barn wedding styled shoot brought together several elements for brides and grooms of various unique backgrounds.

This styled shoot show couples who want to have a barn wedding that there are no rules. With details such as the steampunk jewelry, keys woven into the bridal hair, the top hat handled by the groom, a naked cake and more, we are totally loving all the creativity displayed in this shoot!

Steampunk Rustic Wedding Inspiration

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Photographer: Amber J Photography//Bakery: Holiday Farm Biscuit Company//Event Venue: Maple Shade Farm//Beauty: Salon and Spa 560//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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