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I feel like a hunter, lol. I just cant let pretty things pass me by so when I came across these pieces by Itoro Okon (from my roommate who just ordered one) you know I had to send that email sharply! Today if you look around closely, you see statement pieces almost everywhere and I can’t help but notice the ethnic beauty of them. Of course Jewelry by Itoro Okon makes that even clearer.

About Itoro Okon: 
Itoro Okon was born and raised in Nigeria. She moved to Canada to pursue a degree in Geology at Carleton University, Ottawa. Her fascination with rocks blossomed into a passion for creating beautiful jewelry.

About Jewelry by Itoro Okon:
Her line, Jewelry by Itoro Okon, specializes in one of a kind hand crafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from beads and other exquisite materials. Each piece is specifically designed to embody her client’s personality and fashion style. From inception of the design, to the assembly of her work into a purposeful and ornate pattern, each piece is a journey that tells a unique story.

Enjoy these some of Itoro Okon’s statement pieces and appreciate creativity!
Pieces from Top to Bottom: 
Lohloh | Nana | Adiaha | Red Veil | Maryland Sweethearts  

About the Pieces:
Lohloh: 21″ Multi-Strand, natural Coral beads with gold accents. Simply beautiful
Nana: Twisted Multi-strand natural coral beads and stardust gold beads. 18″.
Adiaha: The quintessence of Beauty! This 31″ Long multi-strand necklace rests gracefully on your neck and torso . Amethyst crystals adorn this neckpiece for that breathtaking look.
Red Veil: Rich blend of red and black multi-strand necklace. This piece makes a bold statement and never goes unnoticed.
Maryland Sweethearts: Baroque Swarovski crystals – pearl pendant necklace, perfect gift for your bridesmaids.

Facebook: Jewelry By Itoro Okon
Instagram: @Itorookon
Twitter: @ItorOkon

There is currently a 10% discount on all necklaces at the store until July 22nd, 2013.

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