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2015 started with a bang with the word “statement” in almost all jewelry phrases. From Statement necklaces to statement bracelets and more, we’ve seen more and more ladies push for the next statement piece. Keeping all that in mind and being on a wedding blog, it’s high time we address statement engagement rings!

Gone are the days when engagement rings were randomly picked without much thought. Now the ideal guy really thinks of his bride, her style and the message a ring sends before purchasing the perfect engagement ring; the ring a bride would always remember to be significant.

Simon Piece

Simon G Jewelry – DR353 Engagement Ring – Fabled Collection

Today we would like to showcase some gorgeous pieces by Simon G Jewelry; statement engagement rings! While Simon G carries a full line of variety when it comes engagement rings and other jewelry, let’s pull focus to these statement making engagement rings I’ve very much fallen in love with.

So what would we classify as a statement engagement ring? I personally love the idea of making a statement with a non traditional ring; something different and something obvious! Most engagement rings we see come in 2 major materials; gold or silver (yellow or white) with a diamond crowning it.

A perfect example of a “something different and something obvious” as your engagement ring could be one with multiple diamonds in layers at the top, colored gemstones instead of diamonds, rose gold tops or bands, bands formed into braids, ropes, buckles, and other different textures and patterns.

Some celebrity examples with statement engagement rings are the diamond cluster ring of Nikki Reid, the Art Deco three-stone elongated design of Scarlett Johansson and the ever stunning Kate Middleton’s sapphire oval with a diamond halo ring!

Statement Engagement Rings by Simon G Jewelry

Statement Engagement Rings by Simon G Jewelry

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