Special Ed Students included in Wedding Party

Our hearts are melting with this story that’s making its rounds on the internet and for all the right reasons! Kinsey French, a special ed teacher from Lousville, Kentucky chose to include her students with down syndrome in her wedding party.

Kinsey had been teaching the kids for the past 3 years at the at the Christian Academy’s Providence School and has grown very fond of them. So when it came to her wedding, she invited them all to share the memory with her as her bridal party. “When you’re working with students in that close a level you develop a special relationship, and I wanted them to be part of this special day,” Kinsey said.

The little girls showed up in white dresses, while the boys in suspenders and bow ties.as they walked down the aisle as the flower girls and ringbearers. “There are a lot of stereotypes that come with Down syndrome,” Kinsey said. “Our students are like any other class and deserve a chance to learn alongside their peers like anyone else.”

Kinsey and Josh tied the knot on June 3 2016 and was captured by photographer Lang Thomas Leichhardt.

Special Ed Students included in Wedding Party

special ed students in wedding party

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