Social Media Weddings: 20 Things to Know about having a Social Media active Wedding

It’s been about 2 #WeddingChatter sessions ago we talked about Social Media weddings so clearly I am late on sharing this “recap”. Being very active on social media, I have to confess that everything about a social media active wedding sounds good to me. But as with everything in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages; you just have to assess it for yourself, and make your decision.

If you have made your decision to have a social media active wedding (which I support!), I have gathered 20 things you need to know to pull that off. Whether you are the couple in question, a member of the wedding party or a wedding guest, there are rules to go by to rock a social media active wedding. Here are 20 of those “rules”.

Social Media Weddings

As the Couple

1♥ Making the Announcement: You can announce your engagement on your social media but it is advisable to do so only after calling the close Family and friends to share the news.

2♥ Sharing but not Over-Sharing: Sharing teaser photos of wedding planning like DIY teasers, a few engagement photos, is an awesome way to include others (your followers) in your wedding planning journey. However, try not to overwhelm your followers by over sharing.

3♥ Credit the Vendors: When you share your professional photos on social media never forget to credit your photographer and other vendors that may be included in that photo. In the case where the vendors are social media active, try to give them a mention too!

4♥ Keep it Positive: Avoid posting negative wedding planning related posts, keep those public posts positive and your rants private.

5♥ Hashtag Your Wedding#: If you want a very social media active wedding, consider Hashtag-ing your wedding. It is a fun way to have all photos from your wedding guests in one collection.

6♥ Be Creative and Unique: Once you have decided you would love to have a hashtag, be very creative with it. Many couples are having hashtags now so you would want something unique so when you click on it you don’t spot other couples weddings with your hashtag. Also remember to keep it as short as possible, something short is usually easier for people to remember and type out.

7♥ Spread the word of your Hashtag: Now you have decided to have a hashtag, let everyone know this. From your invitation, to your website and to your personal social media wedding-related posts, all of these should include your chosen hashtag. It’s no fun having a hashtag and being the only one filling it up.


Photo via Short Enterprises 

8♥ Live tweet your wedding: If you are interested in creating a feed with details about your wedding day, there are options to assign a “tweeter of Honor” or actually hire someone to do this. There are business now who could actually cover your wedding by live tweeting or if you think paying for such service isn’t wise then grab a very social media active friend and make her the tweeter of Honor.

9♥ Finding Vendors on Social Media: Now with everyone being very social media active, even wedding vendors are not excluded. You can take a look at your (prospective) vendors social media platforms, many times vendors put their best foot forward on these platforms thereby making it a great way for you to browse and find a style and vendor you like.

10♥ Your Pinterest Board: Being in the full swing of wedding planning, many great ideas are at your service view on Pinterest. Planning a wedding with your pinterest board is an easy way to organize things and visualize better. If you are into pinterest and currently planning your wedding, remember to have a secret wedding board with all those details. It’s always nice to “surprise” your guests with your wedding atmosphere and having a public pinterest board takes that a way.

11♥ Stay away from Your Phone: During the actual wedding and reception, you can’t afford to have your phone on you. Guaranteed, many messages and notifications would be flooding in and that is not the time to have your eyes anywhere but on your spouse, family and friends there to celebrate with you. Give your phone to your MOH to hold during the whole event, the couple should always be 100% present at their wedding.

As a member of the wedding party

12♥ Ask the bride first: As a bridesmaid, you would most likely get to see the bride in those “up close and personal” moments like when she is getting ready. Her dress is beautifully hung up, make up is being done and all those preparations get you in the excited sharing mood. Before hitting the upload button on your phone, always confirm with her first. Make sure you also show her what photo you intend to upload and get her consent first. You do not want her future husband see her first on your social media.

As a Guest

13♥ Wait for the Official Announcement by the Couple: You might have been there when the question was popped or might have been called by the bride or groom to share the news with you. Whichever way you heard the news, always wait for the couple to publicly announce their engagement before you do.

14♥ Avoid obstructing the professional photographer: For a social media active wedding, it is unlikely that the wedding ends up being an unplugged one. That means the guests may be allowed to take photos of the couple and other aspects of the wedding. As a guest you want to try as much as possible to not obstruct or inconvenience the hired professional photographer from doing his/her job. Many times, professional photos are ruined by guests being awkwardly positioned because they were trying to get their own shot. Avoid that.


Photo by Amber Wilkie Photography

15♥ Use the Hashtag: If the couple have taken time to use a hashtag for their wedding, if you are social media active, the least you could do is actually use that hashtag. Don’t make up your own hashtag, it makes it harder for the couple and others to track down your own shared photos which is most likely the reason a hashtag was created in the first place.

16♥ Avoid Posting the Wrong Photos: The wrong photos include unflattering photos of both the couple and other wedding guests in attendance. Do not post any unflattering photos on social media.

17♥ Sharing at the Right Time: For a social media active wedding, sharing photos, tagging friends and hashtagging is all smiled upon as long as its all done at the right time. Being on your phone during the actual wedding ceremony is really not that time.

18♥ Silence Your Phone: While you are present at the wedding, it is never a good look for your phone to ring out loud especially during the ceremony which is likely quiet. Also with a wedding being social media active and photos are somewhat encouraged, silencing your phone should silence the camera shutter sound which if not done, could also be distracting during the ceremony.

19♥ Delete negative comments: It’s social media etiquette not to be a negative commenter but it is also etiquette not to allow such. If you share a photo of the couple or other guests and one of your follower thinks it’s okay to be negative about the wedding, do not allow such. Immediately you spot such kind of comment, delete that negativity!

20♥ Photos of Others: At a wedding, majority of the photos are usually of the couple. Apart from sharing photos of yourself or just the couple, try to take photos of your friends and other guests at the wedding. The photographer may not always get everyone so it’s okay to snag a few photos of you with your girlfriends on your table.

Have any more tips for a social media active wedding? Feel free to drop them in the comments below, I bet the brides and grooms would appreciate your additions! xx

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