A South Carolina Shoe Themed Wedding by Richard Bell Photography

How deep is your love for shoes? Well Bride Alexis and her groom’s love may just be deeper seeing as their love for shoes which was the inspiration behind their wedding. They are a couple who enjoy wearing a nice pair of shoes and feel any easy way to express their love of color, design, and style is in shoes, so a shoe themed wedding came about.

Both were inspired to theme their wedding because of all the personalities shown through their various shoe collections; from business professional, athlete, beach lover, to classic southerners. Their colors; yellow and grey were chosen because of the contrast of the two colors which is in line with their contrasting personalities.

“The colors, like us are completely different but compliment each other so well.” – Bride Alexis.

Shoe-Themed-Wedding 7Shoe-Themed-Wedding 01Shoe-Themed-Wedding 12Shoe-Themed-WeddingShoe-Themed-Wedding 13Shoe-Themed-Wedding 14Shoe-Themed-Wedding 9Shoe-Themed-Wedding 1180Shoe-Themed-Wedding 16Shoe-Themed-Wedding 15Shoe-Themed-Wedding 1179Shoe-Themed-Wedding 22Shoe-Themed-Wedding 18Shoe-Themed-Wedding 1176Shoe-Themed-Wedding 6Shoe-Themed-Wedding 33Shoe-Themed-Wedding 26 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 31Shoe-Themed-Wedding 27 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 30Shoe-Themed-Wedding 40 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 28 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 24 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 5 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 38 Shoe-Themed-Wedding 37

Photographer:  Richard Bell Photography//Cake Designer: Bonnie Brunt Cakes//Dress Store: Carolina Couture//Event Venue: Dunes West Golf Club//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Happy Wednesday friends!

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