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Dear 2014, I pray you would be awesome for me, my readers and the awesome vendors of KnotsVilla!

Enter the new year with some glitter, shimmer and a very golden view. Officially, I present to you KnotsVilla…the Home of Everything Weddings And More! To officially launch the new brand, I decided to scout the city of Chicago for vendors to pull something together. While I had just a picture of what I wanted, I could not have pulled it without all the vendors I got to meet along the way. Who knew Chicago had such beauty to offer? Okay, I actually knew but seeing all of this come together before my eyes was such an experience I’d never forget.

The inspiration behind this aside from the colors was DIY! It had been a while I got crafty so I decided to use this shoot as a way to brush up on my skills but also introduce the DIY section of this blog that would be coming up. I wanted a shoot that shows a mix of glamour and DIY and I think with the attire and the many spray painting I had to do, I’d say we achieved that.

Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 21rThe blings and shiny accessories were provided by the sweetest lady of them all, Susan of The Left Bank Jewelry; literally “everything but the dress” (pun intended, that’s also the name of her blog!) on the model was all provided by her. Her generosity for the shoot was heart warming; providing us with so much accessories for different looks. Now I wish I could go back and shoot with every one of them!

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For the model’s make up, I did not have to go too far; Doyin of Beautiful U Make Overs was right there and it was not so difficult to get her on the team – she did my wedding makeup so that was a pretty easy decision to make.

I knew I was styling the shoot but believe it or not I was going to take the florals into my own hands! Then I realized what a crazy idea that would have been with my schedule (Blogging, styling and traveling) so last minute I reached out to Travis of Scarlet Petal and after 2 phone calls we were good to go.

Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla o4 Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 22Then I searched my contacts and remembered meeting Alero of Vividesigns (even though she could not really remember me, haha!), quickly I shot her an email and just like that we got her on the team to help with the beautiful paper goods. After a few emails back and forth I was confident Alero would be perfect, her work proved it with the different shades of gold and blue to accent it.

Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 5 Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 1 Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 3Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 1168From the moment we got Tina of Ultimate Bride Chicago to to agree to style our model, things sailed off pretty smoothly. I remember Jummy and I walking into the store and in a maximum of 45 minutes we were done; the first dress she tried on was the perfect one. I would have to give credit to Tina and her assistant for helping us figure that out instantly; that Badgely Mischka dress is all sorts of gorgeous!

Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-KnotsVilla 21a

Not leaving the one vendor that made it possible to actually see the work done, the photographer Yemi of NMT Photography! *sigh* I have a new found respect and appreciation for photographers I tell you. Most of the vendors jobs ended on the day of the shoot but not the photographer’s. At 3 am yesterday, work was still getting done on his end and really I’m so grateful for all of that.

Finally…*this is me trying so hard not to take any credit* this shoot was styled and planned by yours truly 🙂 I knew so many changes had to be made with this blog seeing how fast it was growing. I wanted something more professional but also something to highlight vendors from the city I currently reside in. So a shoot seemed to be the best way to make this huge transition for you viewers and at the same time appreciate those in the Chicago wedding Industry.

So from me to you, have a blissful 2014 and welcome to KnotsVilla!

Vendors – Photography: NMT Photography |Floral: Scarlet Petal | Bridal Dress: Ultimate Bride Chicago | Bridal Accessories: The Left Bank Jewelry | Paper Goods: Vividesigns | Makeup Artist: Beautiful U Make Overs | Event Styling: KnotsVilla

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  1. Amy/Bride Chic

    I’m at a loss for words this is so very stunning! Wishing you much happiness in 2014, Gee! Happy New Year!

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Lol Ohita…you are forever a noise maker sha! Lol! Thanks love for your support, oh and answering my late night emails of which napkin color to use. LOL!

  2. U&I Event Design

    Love the shoot! You all did a fantastic job and congrats on the rebranding! Site looks great 🙂

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      • Storm {}

        Is that not you?! I’ve seen that pic somewhere else ages ago (was it Twitter or Google plus maybe?) but I didnt know their was a whole shoot. Must have missed it. This whole time I thought it was you all done up for the shoot in that pic. Stunning shoot all the same! xx

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