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Hi fashion lovers, today’s post is the first review of a my closet addition (Seven Strand Necklace) from the ever faithful Blue Nile! For those who are in to jewelry especially with the perfect date night holiday coming up (Valentine’s day!), Blue Nile might be the store your heart is yet to fall for, cause surely that has been my case all these years.

With my newly acquired Seven Strand Necklace, I’m that girl who is just too cool for school, lol. No kidding, this necklace makes me all sorts of happy – maybe it’s because my closet has been lacking a silver necklace for the longest time now. The Blue Nile Seven Strand Necklace is a sterling silver necklace that is lightweight and about 24 inches in length.

Blue Nile Seven Strand

How to Wear it: While I haven’t fully explored my options with this layered necklace, I have a few thoughts in my head on how I’d love to wear it.

1. Solid Color Turtle Neck: Because it is thin, no need to pick a distracting pattern or color. A solid color – like black turtle neck (exactly what I’m wearing today!) would be perfect for this necklace to stand out and make its statement without still being over the top.

2. Drop Down Neck Dress/Top: For those that are risque in dressing but still don’t want the chest area too revealed, this necklace is the perfect piece to wear with those really low neck dresses or tops. Think of dinner dates, weddings or other formal occasions to bring this necklace to life.

3. Your everyday Tank Top: Yes, I’m serious! Tank tops have the opportunity to be fashionable if we accessorize properly. For this look I’m thinking, a solid color round neck tank top with the neck not too low. The length of this necklace is perfect as the first layer would most likely begin at the neck of the tank, while the other layers fall on the tank itself. As usual, solid colors work best so the other layers are visible on your top. Wrap the look up with a preppy blazer and skinny jeans!

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