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I may be weird but a beautiful place setting ranks really high on my list when it comes to weddings or any event (even when it’s just me and my girlfriends having dinner at home!) So you can imagine how much fun (and research) I had during the styling of the KnotsVilla launch shoot. During my wedding I did not have much to do with the place settings; I had a hotel wedding so the hotel management pretty much took care of all that. Then I had no idea, now I think I do so I’m willing to share with you some place setting ideas.

There are many ways to style your table for your events, it all majorly depends on the what you have (or would be having), the food served and eventually your style/taste. Here are the basics which I split into three; the formal, informal and semi-formal. I honestly threw in the semi-formal because I just love the look of chargers!




Photo by Veronica of Hinojosa Photography via Sweetchic Events


With these you can build up (or tear down) to provide the right look for you. I particularly stayed away from details such as different ways to fold (and place ) the napkins, the place cards and others because it would be too much for one post. But worry not, a post with those pretty details are on their way!

So how would you be setting your table? Formal, informal, semi formal or something totally in-between?

I’d love to hear!


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  1. ChicBrownBride

    Love this..I actually learned something! I always get confused with the flatware lol.


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