Serenity Blue Rose Quartz Wedding Inspiration

While we are still falling head over heels in love with yesterday’s Serenity Blue Wedding Inspiration, we figured with add more beauty to the mix with one of the best color combinations we’ve ever seen – Rose Quartz! Today’s Serenity Blue Rose Quartz wedding inspiration board is sending us straight to wedding heaven with all that softness of the Rose Quartz shade along with a lighter shade of serenity blue.

We truly can’t get enough of these Pantone colors, and we foresee they going to stay winning for a while, not just in 2016! Here on KV we are not shy of our love for Blue but when the pink gets in the mix we truly lose our calm, I mean, the softness and elegance is something we hold dear to our hearts. You can tell by spotting our variations of pink wedding boards with this Blush Pink and Gold board, Blush Pink and Black board, Rose Gold and Pink board and much more!

Serenity Blue Rose Quartz Wedding Inspiration

Serenity Blue Rose Quartz Wedding

Serenity Blue Rose Quartz Wedding Inspiration

rose quartz shoes

Rose Quartz Bridal shoes photo by Erika Gerdemark via SMP


Photo by peaches & mint by Pia Clodi via Wedding Sparrow


Serenity Blue Macarons photo by Jessica Maida via SMP

rose-quartz water color invitations

Rose Quartz water color Invitation suite by Seniman Calligraphy photo by Tenth & Grace


Serenity Blue Rose Quartz wedding cake photo via the Merry Bride

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