Seaport Village Engagement | Georgia Yeh Photography

When: October 02, 2016 | Where: San Diego, California | Theme: City, Casual

Cathleen and Simon both love their city and especially the Seaport Village which holds a sweet spot for them as that was the location Simon popped the big Q!  Since the couple did not get any photos of the proposal, they returned back to the location for their engagement session and a reenactment of the proposal!

Seaport Village Engagement Session

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About the Couple

“We met online! But at a place I never imagined! I was living in San Diego, California and he was in South Carolina. Simon is in the navy and was scheduled to station in San Diego in one year so we took a chance and started chatting. Coincidentally, I was scheduled to fly to North Carolina for a boards exam and so he was able to meet me there. We hit it off right away and traveled back and forth for the next half a year until he moved to San Diego!” – Cathleen

The Proposal

“It was our anniversary and he told me to dress up to go dine at a nice restaurant. Afterwards we took a walk at the pier and it happened there. I knew it was coming all along but the moment still hit me when it did and I couldn’t stop crying!” Cathleen


Photographer: Georgia Yeh Photography//Reception Venue: Balboa Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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