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As you may have figured, KV loves cultural weddings! So when we receive submissions like this, I get a little too excited. All the smiles, joy, laughter, color and culture that comes with Indian weddings leaves the blog wanting more…and more we got. Karthik and Megan’s Schaumburg Illinois Indian Wedding by Le Cape Weddings is truly right up KV’s alley and I couldn’t wait to share with you all. Miranda of Le Cape Weddings has also taken a step further in giving us all the details of this beautiful wedding.

Indian weddings usually last around three to four days, full of traditions, rituals, and big families! With Karthik and Megan’s amazing wedding, it lasted four days (Day 1 – Mehndi, Day 2 – Vedhi, Day 3 – Garba and Day 4 – Baraat). Each venue location was beautiful, with colorful decorations and spacious areas for all the wedding festivities.

During the first day, called Mehndi, the women and girls had their henna tattoos done. Megan’s henna was so thoughtfully created with the letters from Karthik’s name spread out throughout. On the day of Vedhi, a lot of religious and traditional rituals were done while the third day, known as Garba, each family member was introduced while a live band played in the background. Not only were Karthik and Megan coming together as a couple in marriage, but two families were merging into one.

Illinois-Indian-Wedding-pink-dressIllinois-Indian-Wedding-henna-pinkIllinois-Indian-Wedding-pink-blueIllinois-Indian-Wedding-henna-ringIllinois-Indian-Wedding-loveIllinois-Indian-Wedding-bangles-henna Illinois-Indian-Wedding-ceremony Illinois-Indian-Wedding-groom Illinois-Indian-Wedding-couple-bride-groom Illinois-Indian-Wedding-groomsmen Illinois-Indian-Wedding-groom-le-cape Illinois-Indian-Wedding-bridesmaids Illinois-Indian-Wedding-bride-megan Illinois-Indian-Wedding-bridesmaids-red-yellow Illinois-Indian-Wedding-couple

Finally the last day, known as Baraat, came with the processional starting at 8 am which was full of celebration. Karthik came in riding on a magnificent white horse and at that time, the families came together as one with Karthik being officially welcomed into the family, and thus, beginning the welcoming ceremony. At the welcoming ceremony, each of Megan’s family members – uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc – exchanged real flower necklaces with one another.

“Another fun tradition in Indian weddings is when the family steals the groom’s shoes. This can take place throughout the day, even at the reception. At their wedding though, it happened right after the prayer. People went all out, some even fell or were pushed over while trying to steal Karthik’s shoes! It was a little hectic, but so much fun watching this all go on.” – Miranda of Le Cape Weddings

Eventually it came the time for the bride to come out. After each bridesmaid walked in, Megan arrived in on a Doli; a platform which looked like a flying carpet, carried by her uncles and closest relatives. She looked absolutely stunning. At this is the point, the bride symbolically leaves her family to be with his.

In between getting ready and the reception, Megan and Karthik both took turns exchanging gifts. From Megan, a beautiful scrapbook filled with memories of their relationship. From Karthik, a creatively designed canvas with a picture of them together.

Illinois-Indian-Wedding-horse Illinois-Indian-Wedding-baraat Illinois-Indian-Wedding-red-ceremony Illinois-Indian-Wedding-ceremony-red Illinois-Indian-Wedding-makeup-reception Illinois-Indian-Wedding-hair-makeup Illinois-Indian-Wedding-groom-ready Illinois-Indian-Wedding-gifts-exchange Illinois-Indian-Wedding-cake Illinois-Indian-Wedding-decor Illinois-Indian-Wedding-flowers Illinois-Indian-Wedding-dancing Illinois-Indian-Wedding-couple-dancing Illinois-Indian-Wedding-bride-groom

KV wishes Karthik and Megan and even more vibrant and happy marriage!

Vendors: Photographer:  Le Cape, Inc. | Location: Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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