Saving For Your Dream Wedding? Here’s how to!

When it comes to wedding planning, a common area of interest for both rides and grooms is saving money. Saving for your dream wedding, regardless of your budget is something you would at some point attempt to figure out and embark on it once found.

That is why you can find someone with a budget of $50,000 and another with one of a $6000, both still looking for ways to save for their weddings. It’s just the rational thing to do because everyone knows life doesn’t end after the wedding.

We have covered weddings and costs several times on this blog but it really is never enough because of the amount of time we keep on hearing these questions on how to save. Clearly as the times are changing and the “average wedding cost” keeps increasing, more people are in need of this information and newer ways to save keep surfacing.

Saving for Your Dream Wedding

Today we are focusing on these 5 ways to save for your wedding while still having the wedding of your dream. In this post we broke some of these down to tiny bits and different wedding categories but here, we’d talk a bit more extensively on these 5.

1. Change your Dream

No one wants to hear this but can we be practical for a second? If you want a certain style of wedding (think Luxe, modern, lots of chandeliers and all the fancy things you saw at Ciara and Russell’s wedding) with a 400 guest list and you are hoping to achieve all that with a $10,000 budget, it really is time to change that dream wedding of yours.

Understand that in life, something has to give and you would have to rearrange your wedding vision, prioritize properly and arrive at a more practical and realistic “dream wedding”.

To do this, you’d have to dig a little deeper on what makes your wedding about you and not about trends or what others are doing. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a dream wedding that is modestly priced and doesn’t run you in debt. Again, be practical, realistic and true to yourself when deciding the kind of wedding you’d like.

2. Have a Budget and Stick to it

A plan is meant to lead you in your designed path. Starting with a budget and working from that is always a better idea than starting with no budget at all. Isn’t this like financial planning 101? You have to plan. A common saying is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Start off your wedding planning with the most modest amount you are willing and able to spend. Be practical, be realistic and then do all that you can (summon that will of yours) to stick to it. There would be a lot of times things (a higher guest list, a more extravagant centerpiece, an expensive dress you spotted on the Golden Globes red carpet, etc) would try to stir you away from your budget but stick to your guns and remind yourself of that budget and the reasons you have it.

While you may have been planning your dream wedding since you were a little girl, so much have changed since then – hello Adulthood! There are now responsibilities and part of being a reasonable adult is to knowing how to allocate finances responsibly to areas of higher priority. For example, it would be unreasonable to go into debt to plan a $50,000 wedding, or retrieve all your savings to do so. Understand that there is in fact life after the wedding and also plan for that.

3. Give Yourself More Time

Now that you have a more realistic dream wedding and your budget all good to go, there’s still more to do to achieve that wedding and possibly still have some change left. You’d need to give yourself more time; more time to plan your new dream wedding.

Short engagements are now becoming a thing but it may not be for you if you are actively looking for ways to save. Couples who end up having longer engagements have shared that his strategy helped them to achieve their financial goals when it came to wedding planning (see the comments on this IG post). The points listed below explain the reason behind giving yourself more time.

4. Make More Money

With more time you can increase your disposable income if needed to achieve your dream wedding. This is by either working longer hours or finding an additional source of income. As “crazy” as this may sound to some, you are the best person to access the situation and then make such a decision.

5. Find Deals/Discounts

With more time, you can find better deals out there as it eliminates things such as “rush fees” and gives you peace of mind and eagerness to search out discounts and deals available.

Keep your eyes and ears out for your things such as giveaways and other discounts your vendors may have. When inquiring to decide on a vendor, there is nothing wrong with asking if they have any discounts/deals available to new clients – as long as you do so respectfully.

In many cases, these discounts/deals/giveaways have specific terms, do yourself a favor by reading/understanding them properly before signing any contracts. Don’t just make a decision based only on the price but consider other factors such as the quality of work, the terms tied to the discount, etc.

Question of the Post

How is that Dream Wedding of yours coming along? How are you working towards having it?

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