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Like everything else, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted for the save the dates. Going into the engagement session I asked Megan if she could take a certain photo of us, which I would use for our save the date. However, Once I got the pictures back I ended up going in a completely different direction.

I absolutely love the photos that I requested she take, but I loved some of the others even more. I ended up going with a photo of us in the photo booth we got engaged in. Although some of my guests might not know what we are doing or where we are in the photo I thought it was an overall natural shot that felt special to us. 

Save-the-date-front copy

I really wanted to design my own save the date. However, I had trouble finding a website where I could upload my own design and have a post card back. Most of the sites want you to just upload your photo and use their designs. So I ended up using vista print and designing the front and the back of my post card.

Everything I have done thus far has been on time for the wedding, or even early. However the save the dates just didn’t go out as soon as I wanted. We had to make sure our website was created, our registry was completed and our guest list landed (I am still not even sure if we have landed that).

Save-the-date-back-white copy

I finished the invites about the same time I sent the save the dates. So at least we are on track with those!

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