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When: September 27, 2015 | Where: Theme: Rustic, Fall, Christian | Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow,

Rachele and Thomas had their lovely rustic Tennessee fall wedding at the Stables At Hunter Valley Farm. Filled with bold fall colors, the couple incorporated many personal touches to make their wedding even more memorable.

Rachele was a stunner in her David’s Bridal lace dress and hair do. The maids were all dressed in red including the flower girls, which kept the color theme steady through out the whole event. For decor, Rachele did most of the small bits as she is a lover of crafts. From the signs, to the calligraphy, and the table decor.

Details about the Rustic Tennessee Fall Wedding

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About the Couple

“Thomas and I met through his Mom and my Step Mom coincidentally. My step mom and his mom had been friends for a very long time, they were in each others weddings actually. Thomas’s mom was very sick and the family was calling in friends to make their good byes since they thought Ms. Susan (Thomas’s mom) was not going to make it much longer – she ended up surviving another 2 years.

I was up at my mother’s house watching the Breast Cancer Special on Say Yes to the Dress (My mom had just had a bilateral mastectomy) and I got a phone call around 10 o’clock at night from my step mom telling me she “Found the Man I was going to marry!!”. Ms. Susan and Kathy (my step mom) were quizzing Thomas for over 3 hours about what he was looking for in a woman, wife, etc. Kathy eventually showed him one picture of me and he was interested in contacting me. Kathy was actually calling me from the hospital garage to tell me all this! Ha! She asked if Thomas could have my number and I said yes. He contacted me the next day and we have been together ever since!” – Rachele

Proposal Story

“So I love sweets! Love Sweets! So when Thomas went to my Dad and step mom’s house to ask for permission to marry me, my dad asked how he was going to pop the question. Thomas told Dad that he was going to propose on his birthday and his intentions were that we would go to dinner and a movie then later that night swing by Gigi’s cupcakes to get cupcakes and he would already have one premade for me with the proposal on top. He said he was going to leave me in the truck while he picked them up and hand it to me in the truck. Well my Dad strongly encouraged to do it in day light because Dad said me being me, I would dive straight in to the cupcake and not look for words on the cupcake and that would be the end of the proposal. haha! So Thomas ended up getting 4 cupcakes that Gigi’s had written Will. You. Marry. Me? with edible pearls on them. When we got home from dinner, he brought the box over and asked me to pick which cupcake I wanted and I opened the box and that was when I died! haha Well I said yes before I died! ha” – Rachele

Wedding Planning Advice

“Weddings can be stressful and expensive if you allow them. So our pieces of advice are

1. This is yours and your husbands day. It is easy to get lost in trying to make everyone else happy, but have what you all want!

2. Do not skimp out on a photographer. Memories fade and become twisted, but awesome pictures let you relive that moment over and over again. Plus the day is so fast that you will not see things that you have worked so hard to put together. It is nice to look at it after the fact.

3. Flirt with your husband/wife that whole day once you’re officially one. It is YOUR wedding, do not feel obligated to separate yourself from one another to Thank guests for coming. Have the DJ or singer say something like “Join our couple on the dance floor” Let the people have fun with you! I did not speak to everyone at my wedding, and I do not regret it whatsoever! I spent every minute after we were one being with my Husband and we had a blast!

4. EAT!!! Thomas and I were the first to go through our line and sit down, followed by our wedding party and family. WE ATE OUR FOOD. You have to seriously plan it or you will not eat. And it was delicious! You seriously do not realize how parched or hungry you are.

5. Once Thomas and I said “I do” we took 20-30 minutes to be Mr. and Mrs without everyone in our face! Our photographer was super discrete and followed us as we sat aside and just basked in what just happened. In fact, that 20-30 minutes was where my favorite pictures of my husband and I occurred. No stress, Just smiles and bliss. The guests went to Cocktail hour so it was perfect!

6. Do not be afraid to be unique!

7. Instead of a groom’s cake we did a dessert bar and a popcorn bar! Huge Huge huge hit!

8. Getting ready robes..totally not necessary but the kimono robes I bought were extremely photogenic and I love that I have them!” – Rachele


Photographer: Red Boat Photography//Beauty:Chanel//Dress Store: David’s Bridal//Caterer: Karen’s Katering//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Wearhouse//Hair Stylist: Rock Paper Hair//DJ: Special Notes//Floral Designer: Swank Floral//Dress Store: White Lace and Promises//Event Venue: The Stables At Hunter Valley Farm//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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