Rustic Summer Wedding by Wren Photography


First real wedding of the month of June and it’s pure perfection! This Rustic Summer Wedding by Wren Photography has been in my drafts for way too long and I can finally share this beauty with you all. Jamie and Matthew tied the knot August last year in their rustic summer wedding with a twist of elegance added to the mix.

About the Rustic Summer Wedding

Jamie and Matt traveled from Wisconsin to their cottage in Stephenson MI for their wedding. The ceremony started downtown Stephenson in a beautiful ornate church. Matt looked dapper in his custom purchased suit and tie, while Jamie glowed in her stunning bridal gown. The wedding party in shades of blue and khaki had the perfect accents of the bright floral.

After the ceremony the wedding party boarded boats–one for the girls, one for the guys, and one for the bride & groom, talk about arriving in style to the reception! Their cottage had it all; a huge lawn on the lake for cocktail and games and plenty of space for the enormous tent! Inside the tent were shades of blue and colorful flowers, mix that with the tasty dinner and desserts for an awesome celebration.

Rustic-summer-wedding-bride-getting-readyRustic-summer-wedding-rings-boot Rustic-summer-wedding-bride-bridesmaidsRustic-summer-wedding-dress-paperRustic-summer-wedding-flower-girlRustic-summer-wedding-crying-groomRustic-summer-wedding-churchRustic-summer-wedding-ceremony-kiss

How They Met

“We met in High school one night at a friend’s house where we had their first kiss. That was it. Just a kiss. Then we went our separate ways. Skip ahead 14 years….

I called my friend Molly to see how she was doing. She lives in Minnesota and I lived in Madison. She asked if I was in town and wanted to get together. I happened to be home and said I would love to catch up. So we did. We talked about our upcoming 10 year highschool reunion. Neither one of us were going, but agreed there were a few people in other grades that we would like to see again. Of course, I mentioned Matt. Molly said, “Oh! I see him sometimes. We should all get together.” I agreed.

A couple nights later Molly called and said I had to meet her out in Cedarburg because she was with Matt and “He is still cute!” I convinced my mom and John to give me a ride to Easy Street. A bar that we now live two doors down from. I walked in and I guess you could say we just kind of hit it off. Something in me knew right away that he was someone special.” – Bride Jamie

Rustic-summer-wedding-bridemaids-bride Rustic-summer-wedding-bridesmaids-goofyRustic-summer-wedding-bride-bouquet Rustic-summer-wedding-groom-groomsmen Rustic-summer-wedding-groom-tie Rustic-summer-wedding-hair Rustic-summer-wedding-blue-bridesmaids Rustic-summer-wedding-under-veil Rustic-summer-wedding-boat-couple Rustic-summer-wedding-boat

The Proposal

“We were “Up North” for the weekend with Matt’s family and friends. On Saturday night we were all making dinner and hanging out together when Matt asked if I wanted to walk down to the dock with him. I said, “sure.” This was nothing out of the ordinary, but since Matt told me sometime in June that he was ready to get engaged I had been thinking that just about every moment was going to be “the moment.” I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind and sauntered down the hill to the dock.

We sat and talked about how beautiful the weather was and what a great place the cottage was. He looked at me and said “you’re going to have to accept my politics.” I agreed. We had of course had a discussion about politics the night before that left me in a sour mood. He then asked if I wanted to play that hand slapping game. You know, the one we all used to play as kids where one person puts their hands palm-side-up while the other person puts their hands on top, palm-side-down. Then the person whose hands are on the bottom tries to slap the other person’s hands. Well, I of course said, “No! I am so bad at that game.” However, Matt the negotiator quickly convinced me to play.

He stood me up and took my drink and sun glasses away from me. He then told me to close my eyes. Of course I told him I was nervous about this game. He reassured me it would be fun and that I had never played this version before. I closed my eyes and promised I would not open them until he told me. I am a rule follower so even though I felt him pull away I kept my eyes tightly shut.

“Ok. Open them,” Matt said. When I opened my eyes Matt was down on one knee. I could not believe what was about to happen! All he could say through his tears was “You wanna marry me?” I nodded my head and hugged and kissed him. I told him he had to put the ring on my finger because my hands were shaking. He did. Then he picked me up and spun me around. As soon as he did this the family and friends that had gathered up on the porch cheered loudly. It was amazing. I could not have asked for a better proposal from a more wonderful person.” – Bride Jamie


Advice for future couples planning for the Same Event

“Enjoy every single moment from the proposal to the end of your wedding night. Everyone says “it goes so fast!” They are not lying! Take it all in on your special day.

When we were up on the church alter listening to the priest and all the readings I could not help but look out at the crowd of friends and family and smile. I even waved to them! I wanted to remember everything. Your day is all about you. Enjoy it!” – Bride Jamie

The Venue

Matt and Jamie fell in love, got engaged, and got married all in the same place – Matt’s family cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This place is, not only special to couple, but is an incredibly special place to Matt’s whole family. The property on which they had their reception was the same property where Matt’s dad, 3 brothers, and sister lived when they were younger.

“Being able to have our wedding at such a special place was so meaningful. This year we will be celebrating our one year anniversary there too. Matt’s youngest sister will be tying the knot exactly one year after us in the same place. And one month later, at the end of September, we will be welcoming our new bundle of joy. We could not be more excited!” – Bride Jamie


Photographer: Wren Photography | Ceremony Location: Church of the Precious Blood | Transportation: Elite Limousine | DJ: Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment | Caterer: The Mustard Seed Cafe | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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