Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding | Dustin Finkelstein Photography

When: March 04, 2017 | Where: Austin, TX | Theme: Rustic, Ranch | Colors: Neutral

A beautiful yet simple wedding never passes us by! Today we are loving every detail of Guiliana and Zak’s rustic ranch Texas wedding for all its simplicity and lovely details.

About the Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding

“With our wedding being an outdoor ranch-style wedding, I went with natural colors. Colors that will never go out of style and were easy to match with anything. Grays, whites, and greens were my go-to. It made all of the florals look so natural and fresh, and really helped convey the rustic, classic feel we were going for. ” – Guiliana

Attire choice

“I wanted affordable dresses for my bridesmaids as well as a style that would flatter any body type. The high neck loose fitting dress I chose fit everyone perfectly, and could also be a dress that could possibly be hemmed and used again. “

Splurge or Skimp

“The most important to us was that it would be a night to remember according to all of our guests. We wanted to remember everything, so we gave most of our budget to video/photo and entertainment. “

Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - groom Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - brides romantic updo with babys breath Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - wedding dress hung Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - bride and breidesmaids in robe Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - simple white and green bouquet Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - honoring deceased on bouquet

Fave Memories

“My favorite parts of the day were getting ready with my bridesmaids, getting to do the first look with my daddy and then Zak. The most special moment was getting to see Zak’s face as I walked down the Aisle. It was so special to us that my brother and his girlfriend did all of the music for our ceremony.

After Zak and I walked out, we had the most special moment alone-before the start of the party and before we had to entertain our 200+ guests. We stood there hugging each other, yes, there were tears-and we just reflected on what we had just done. I think it was my most favorite part of the whole experience. “

Special deets

“One special thing we did instead of a unity candle, or rope cross, or other similar traditions, was we planed a rosemary plant. Rosemary is a symbol of love and loyalty, so as my brother and his girlfriend sang one of Zak’s favorite songs, we planted a rosemary plant that we will forever have and Zak, when he cooks his amazing meals throughout our marriage, will always be able to throw in a little of our wedding rosemary. “

Wedding Flowers

“My wedding flowers were simple. Just white roses and herbs. We had a theme throughout our wedding of herbs that represented virtues of marriage. My bouquet smelled amazing because it included rosemary and other herbs. The green and white were so simple and beautiful. “

Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - first look with bride behind Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - first look Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - adorable flower girls in white dresses Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - wedding ceremony signs Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - wedding party

Wedding Cake

“Our wedding cake was made by a dear friend from college. She is amazing and did a perfectly simple and delicious cake and cupcakes. We didn’t want a huge cake because I didn’t want a lot of leftovers. So we chose for a simple two tiered cake with cupcakes and they were a total hit. “

Wedding Favors

“Zak is an aspiring chef and cooks amazing meals. We chose to go with a spice bag made of herbs that each have special meanings to marriage and love. Essentially, it ended up being an Italian blend: Marjoram-Protection, Health, Happiness, Blushes & Joy; Thyme-Courage and Strength; Rosemary-Love and Loyalty; Savory Sage-Longevity, Good Health, Domestic virtue as well as Increasing wisdom, Protection, and wishes; Oregano-Honor; and Basil-Love, Wealth, and Good Wishes. We had a neighbor embroide burlap bags with G&Z 3-4-17 on them. “

Wedding DIY deets

“Our favors were DIY, additionally, my mother hand wrote on chalkboards for our menu, our seating chart, drink menu, Mr. and Mrs. Signs for the back of our chairs. Additionally, my mother is a silversmith and created special pieces of jewelry for each of my bridesmaids, and engraved initials onto 50 caliper bullet bottle openers for the groomsmen gifts. “

Heirlooms & handmade deets

“My something old was my great grandmother’s hankie from when she got married. My something blue was my 1st communion birthstone rosary made by my mother. We had pictures of my two aunts that passed away from breast cancer as well as a picture of Zak’s mother who passed away when he was 16 pined to my bouquet. “

Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - your table awaits you seating chart Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - table for wedding advice for the couple Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - honoring the deceased Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - short centerpieces with babys breath Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - i spy on place setting Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - centerpiece Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - white and green weding cake Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - her one his only signs Rustic Ranch Texas Wedding - sparklers exit

How they Met

“Zak and I met first on Cinco De Mayo 2013. I was up late that night studying for a final the next morning and was going to have to pull an all nighter. A friend of mine was going out for a few cinco de mayo drinks and invited me along. Dancing always kept me going, and I was going to need a little energy boost if I was going to pull this all nighter, so I agreed. Zak was bartending at the bar we visited, and I tried to ask as politely as I could for some water, knowing how much bartenders hate being asked for that. (I had a final people! You didn’t think I was actually going to be drinking alcohol did you?). He was so nice to make sure that water glass was never empty! I asked him his name and thanked him. To him, I was probably just another customer, but for whatever reason, that interaction stuck in my mind.

Fast forward a few days; We had a mutual friend who was taking myself and a couple friends out for a nice dinner and told us that he would be inviting another one of his friends because it was his birthday. Sure enough, it was Zak! We all had a good time out that night, but nothing much came of it other than just growing interest in this guy.

A couple days later that mutual friend invited us out to have a boat day on Lake Bryan. To be honest, I had my eyes set on someone else at the time, and Zak had brought a date with him. Turns out, his date ended up not really participating in all of the boat fun, and the guy I had my eye on, had his eye on someone else. SO, Zak and I kind of gravitated to each other and I just remember how easy conversations were with him. He was funny, sarcastic, and honest. Enter: School girl crush.

Finally, on Memorial day, at a friend’s pool party we got the chance to hang out again, only this time, Zak did not show up with his date. We stayed up until 7am talking about life, beliefs, and dreams. I learned so much; he told me about his childhood, as well as some stories from his tours in Iraq. I was blown away by how easy it was to talk to him and how I didn’t want it to stop.

After that night, there were a few weeks of playing hard to get on both sides, but we eventually started spending every day together. Mainly watching movies because he couldn’t believe how many classic movies I hadn’t seen (especially since I have so much family in the film business). It was always simple great conversation about things that mattered.

4th of July came along, and by then Zak and I had spent pretty much every day together for about a month and a half. We were both at a time in our lives where we weren’t looking for a serious relationship, but it had just been so easy to spend time with him and he was always so honest, I didn’t ever question if we were on the same page. My Parents came into town that weekend, and we went to go eat at Chuy’s where Zak was working. He got off early, so he joined us and a few other friends for dinner. We made plans to continue the evening in downtown Bryan for my Dad’s birthday, and my mom, out of nowhere, invited Zak to come along and-even more surprising-he agreed! He got along great with them, and I could tell they were enjoying his company as well. After that night, we had “the talk” and finally became official.

And the rest, as they say, is history!” – Guiliana

Proposal Story

“I had overheard Zak one night telling a friend that he wanted to have all of our College Station friends into town. We just moved into our house in February, and we have been so excited to have a place where we can host our friends, so I just thought that it was a great idea and agreed, and we started planing this big Sunday Fun-day down on South Congress. By mid-week there was already a list of over 14 people coming! I was blown away by how many people were randomly able to come on the same weekend.

Things got a little weird when my college roommates all texted me in the same day asking me what our plans for the weekend were. I figured since everyone else was coming into town, we might as well make it a bigger party and invite them too! Two planned to come, and a third said she was going to be in NYC, but suggested a face time (in the 6 years of living in different cities after graduating, we had NEVER face timed…so that was weird). I was getting suspicious of something, but I thought that since this was Zak’s first ever weekend to have a Sunday off, it just worked out that everyone was coming.

Sunday, April 10th, rolls around, and all of our friends come into town and I began the day welcoming all of our friends into our new home while Zak was at work. I remember texting Zak that afternoon while we were waiting for him to get off work: “my heart is so happy today having all of our friends here in our house!” He was supposed to get off around 3 but didn’t end up getting off until 4 (another thing that threw me off-there was no structure to the day, it was all just go with the flow so it seemed like just another day).

We all make it to South Congress….except one car…the car with the ring in it! Luckily we had almost the whole population of college station in town “wanting to be tourists” and take pictures at the iconic “I love you so much” sign that we had plenty of ways to pass the time. Zak had gone to stand in an open parking spot to hold it, while 20 of us took pictures. When the final car arrived, our friends Chelsea and Patrick got out and took a picture at the sign. Then they motioned to Zak and I that we needed one too. Knowing how much Zak hates to pose for pictures, I mentioned that we already have a picture at that sign and we didn’t have to do another one. But this time, Zak was all for it! He grabbed me and everyone started counting 1, 2, 3, Zak continued 4, 5, 6…as he was trying to fish the ring box out of his pocket. He got down on one knee and it was perfect! I think it was a blur for both of us on what he said, but it was something along the lines of “It’s been 3 years and I don’t want to wait any longer to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Of course I said yes, and could not believe that he pulled off such a perfect surprise! One of the first things I asked him was if my parents knew. He said yes and that they were expecting me call. I face timed them as they were on their way home from San Angelo and as soon as they answered, sure enough, they already knew what I was calling about and said they were 20 minutes outside of town. They were able to join us and all of our friends for the celebration! And of course, I got a face time request from my college roommate who was in NYC and it all made sense!

We celebrated afterwards with dinner at Guero’s on South Congress with all of our closest friends and my parents! It meant so much that Zak knew exactly who to have at our proposal! I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! The I Love You So Much sign is special to us, because during the year we had to do our relationship long distance, we had a fun double date day walking around South Congress and it was a day that felt like a glimpse of what life would be like in Austin together. Now it has an even more special meaning :)” – Guiliana

Wedding planning Advice

“Don’t stress. There is nothing as important as having happy memories of your day. It rained on my wedding day and it completely bummed me out. We didn’t plan for it, because I was determined to get married outdoors – it was the sole reason I chose the venue that I had. We had to make last minute plans to move everyone(200+ people) inside to the smaller reception hall and have both the ceremony and reception in there. It was chaos. People didn’t know where to sit, they didn’t even notice when the procession started and stood up when I was already half way down the aisle. Not to mention – I completely forgot my veil so I didn’t have it on at all except for a couple pictures afterwards.

That could have totally ruined my day, but I woke up that morning, determined to remember everything and not let anything get to me. The day was all about me marrying the love of my life in the presence of my family and closest friends, and damnit, that’s what it was going to be.

Looking back I could either have memories of being stressed all day, and not getting to enjoy the day/night. Or I could have memories of how happy I was, how special it was to have everyone there that I loved, and how much fun everyone had. I’m happy to say, it’s the later. ” – Guiliana


Photography: Dustin Finkelstein Photography | Ceremony Venue: Ranch Austin | Reception Venue: Ranch Austin | Event Planning: Eclipse Event Co. | Floral: Kitsch Event Styling | Videography: Something Clever Productions | Wedding Cake: Caked with Love | Catering: Dagar’s Catering | Linens: Premiere Events | Hair: Muah and Co | Makeup: Muah and Co | Lawn Games: Game Plan Entertainment

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