Rustic Chic Wedding by A.Marie Photography – Planned in 3 Months

Today’s rustic chic wedding by A.Marie Photography is yet another one for the books and looks. 9 out of 10 times Knotsvilla receives real wedding submissions from vendors so the 1 out 10 times where the bride makes the submission, I know I’m in for a pleasant ride with reading all about the details!

Kate and Nate planned their beautiful wedding in less than 3 months – 82 days to be exact. They found out that Nate’s grandfather had lymphoma and wanted to be sure he was there because it is a huge tradition in their family that his grandfather sings at all the wedding ceremonies. However because of the lymphoma in his throat, Nate’s grandfather decided to read a poem instead.

According to Kate, she really wanted the rustic feel, but still very classy and elegant. So they decided a local apple orchard was the perfect spot for the wedding location. They wanted to incorporate burlap and lace into their colors which were champagne, blush pink, and rosewood.


“Our ceremony was set up in the middle of the apple trees, the chairs set in a semi-circle, so all guests could see. Our flower girls danced down the aisle way waving their magic wands, while our ring bearer carried his special sign. To keep the ceremony classy and elegant, we used white lanterns down the aisle way with champagne rose petals. We had a burlap banner that stated “Snodgrass” as guest were being seated.” – Kate


“During our ceremony Nate decide to exchange vows to both of my daughters. Vowing to be the best dad to them, to take care of them, and to help them grow into little ladies. During these vows, he gave them each a necklace.” – Kate


For their reception, they centered the tables with beautiful twine wrapped bottles, mason jars, and lanterns filled with roses and baby’s breath. For the dance floor, they draped tulle and Christmas lights over it and hung a chandelier in the middle. Kate and Nate opted for a simple cake which was perfectly placed in the center of their dessert table.


“Our wedding was perfect. It was everything I have ever hoped and dreamed for in a wedding. I hope you love it just as much, and that it will inspire someone else. And encourage others who are planning a wedding in less than 3 months.” – Kate

Sending Kate and Nate our best wishes to them; wishing the couple a happy and long marriage!

Submitted by the Bride | Photography – A.Marie Photography

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