Romantic Alabama Wedding by Mandy Owens Photography

When: May 21st, 2016 | Where: Pisgah, Alabama | Theme: Romantic, Outdoors | Colors: Blush Pink, Neutral

Emma and Clint tied the knot only a few months ago in such an elegant affair. Their romantic Alabama wedding was all about being relaxed, earthy, and fun, which is exactly what it turned out to be! The venue was incredible with a stunning view that added so much to the atmosphere.

Instead of a unity candle, the couple planted a tree together, which was related to their christain faith. They used two vases of soil to pot their tree. One of those vases contained soil from Clint’s parents’ home, and the other contained soil from Emma’s parent’s home. The soil was symbolic of their upbringing and faith in God.

“The soil was rich because we grew up in homes where love overflowed and we were both brought up by parents who led by example and showed us how to be Christ like and to always follow God. When the two rich soils are mixed and a tree is planted in them, it will grow tall and strong and will never falter or grow weary as long as it is nurtured and protected, which is exactly how a marriage stands the test of time. As long as a marriage is built on the right foundation and is always cared for, it will never fail.

These principles are extremely important to us, so we wanted to show that in a tangible way. To make it even more special for us, we potted a Live Oak tree that we got in Auburn, where we met and fell in love. Live Oaks are special for Auburn fans everywhere, and now we have a permanent reminder of our love story that we’ll get to watch grow for years to come!” – Emma

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About the Couple & Proposal

“Clint and I both worked for the Auburn University football team while we were in college at Auburn. I worked in sports medicine and Clint was an equipment manager. We met in 2013, but we were on opposite sides of the ball during that season, so we never saw much of each other until the following summer camp. During the 2014 season we were both working with the quarterbacks, so we ended up spending a lot of time at practice talking and getting to know each other and eventually began dating.

I graduated the following May, but Clint was still working for the team, so I came back to Auburn to watch most of the games that fall. On October 31st, 2016, Auburn was ready to play Ole Miss. Somehow my entire family and Clint’s entire family all managed to make it to the game, which should have been a clue for me.

As we all got in the stadium before the game, I noticed Clint standing on the field waving for me to come down to the sideline. Once I got down there, he told me to come onto the field because he wanted to get a picture of us. We took a picture on the 50 yard line, then the photographer asked me to come look at the picture and make sure it was okay. Little did I know that while I was checking the picture, Clint was behind me getting the proposal ready. (If you’ve ever watched Auburn play, you’ve probably noticed the picture boards used on the sidelines to signal plays. Well, Clint was the “board guy” that held them up every game).

When I turned back around, there stood my Clint with a custom made play call board featuring my face, his face, a picture of a ring, and a question mark! He didn’t even get to ask me the question before I was squealing and nodding ‘yes.'” – Emma

Wedding Planning Advice

“My advice for couples planning a wedding would be to hire a wedding planner. I know it may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in the long run, it is so worth it! I started my doctorate the same week I got married, so my plate was too full for me to do everything on my own.

My wedding planner, Kadi, remembered every little detail that I would have never thought about and kept us perfectly on track with planning. It took so much stress off of me knowing that she had everything under control from start to finish and she made our wedding day a breeze!” – Emma


Photographer: Mandy Owens Photography//Bridesmaid Store: Bella Bridesmaids//Cake Designer: Diann Laney//Musicians: Felicity String Quartet//Event Venue: Gorham’s Bluff//Caterer: Gorham’s Bluff Catering//Dress Store: Ivory and White Boutique//Makeup Artist: Jana Dawkins//Floral Designer: Mark Thompson//Equipment Rentals: Mullins Party Rentals//Equipment Rentals: Something Borrowed//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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