Riki Dalal Verona Collection

Riki Dalal Verona Collection is the sixth collection of bridal gowns by the designer, which was exclusively brought to London to showcase to a delighted audience at Grosvenor Hotel on 6th of March 2016. The internationally recognized designer has gone above and beyond with her very daring silhouettes that have made her gowns so successful.

The new collection offers dresses defined by intricate backs, tight rears, deep necklines, and elaborate detail. Many of the dresses glide along floor as handmade lace highlights the femininity of the wearer. This season, sexy yet sophisticated silhouettes are designed to ensure an array of shapes can be beautifully conveyed in their most flattering light.

Also shown below is Riki Dalal’s limited edition evening wear collection. These gowns are a stunning mix of classic couture with glamour and decadence that create a phenomenal collection. All the gowns are haute couture and only available in limited quantities.

Riki Dalal Verona Collection

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