Riki Dalal Lorraine Collection Picks for the Modest Bride


Hey dress lovers, here’s something for you to absolutely swoon about. We all know Riki Dalal is known for their very sexy dresses with open back and combination of blocked, transparent fabrics and plunging necklines. But in this Lorraine collection we were able to spot some looks for a more modest bride.

Because not everyone wants the sexy and risque style, I have selected a few from the Lorraine collection that I believe would be a good fit for a more conservative bride. For the transparency, an easy way to convert that to a more conservative look would be choosing to wear something light and coordinating underneath. That way, the beauty of the dress is experienced and such a bride feels more comfortable.

Here are a few easily transformable picks for the modest and conservative bride from the Riki Dalal Lorraine Collection!


More about the Riki Dalal Lorraine Collection

The Lorraine collection is characterized with rhymes fabrics and prestigious laces which give a unique and rich look. The collection includes a lot of hand work with extra accuracy and attention to the little details.

Riki has put her main attention on shaper dresses which are very comfortable wearing and flattering to women’s bodies. The collection includes both sexy dresses with open back and combination of blocked and transparent fabrics, conservatism and modest dresses that are extra romantics and gentles.

Dalal engages in wedding and evening dresses designs for 40 years already. “I always loved dealing with fashion. My mother worked as a tailor and since I was a child I loved playing with fabric and scissors, advise my relatives what to wear and how to upgrade the clothing. At the age of 17 I designed the wedding dress of my best friend, which was my first dress”.

Ever since, the hobby she loved so much became a profession. Today, her dresses are sold in many exclusive boutiques around the world.

Contact Riki Dalal

Tel: +972-54-6606488 | Website: www.rikidalal.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/rikidalal | Instagram: rikidalal_bridalgowns | YouTube: www.youtube.com/rikidalal | Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/rikidalal/

Question of the Day: As someone looking for a modest wedding look, would you consider and of these dresses?

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  1. Amy-Jo Tatum

    Not too sure these are modest in my book. They are pretty much covered but sexy!

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Hahahahaha! Yeah its definitely a stretch for the “modest” but compared to the others I’d say these are pretty more conservative and I’d give them a shot, especially the first one.


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