Revenge Emily Thorne in Wedding Dress by Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson

Yay to Fall TV! No, seriously YAY!!!
I was just catching up on last night’s Grey Anatomy when I saw for the first time the sneak peek of Revenge coming up on Sunday (yes I know I’m super late). I could not resist noticing  the very gorgeous and main character, Emily Thorne (the real Amanda Clarke) in a wedding dress! It was a sad clip because she got shot but I still could not focus on anything other than the fact I saw a white dress!

So I googled to find out more about the dress and the designer. Shockingly it was not by Vera Wang (somehow I seem to assume every wedding dress on TV shows are by Vera) but it was by the costume designer of the actual show -Jill Ohanneson- who created it. “After hearing about what would happen, the dress required so many elements that I knew we weren’t going to find any one piece that would do everything we needed, and since we had three weeks of prep time at the beginning, I found the fabric, did three or four sketches, and designed it myself,” Jill told exclusively

Beautiful Dress right? I mean gorgeous dress!

Photo from Instyle, Courtesy Photo (2), Brandin Shaeffer, ABC
I’m way too excited for Sunday already! 

In somewhat related news, Is Olivia Pope going to wear a Wedding Dress soon??? Yay for Thursday too with Scandal. Fall TV is AWESOME!

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